7 Patriotic Quotes Perfect for Fourth of July

girl with amerian flagAre you getting excited about the Fourth of July? It's the birthday of our nation, and you're probably pulling out the sparklers, scrubbing down the grill, and loading up the coolers, right? Me? I'm packing the tissues.

I'm going to need them to help get through that overwhelming feeling of pride that bubbles up inside of me at being an American. Yes, I know, it is corny! But every July 4th, without fail, I cry. All it takes is the first strains of "God Bless America," and I am a blubbering mess, but I'm a patriotic one!

And here are some of the patriotic quotes that seem to sum up July 4th for me this year.

They come from presidents, authors, and songwriters, and they're all about America. Feel free to steal them -- maybe you'll post them to Pinterest (check out The Stir's Fourth of July board for more ideas!). Maybe you'll pass them along to a fellow patriot. Or maybe you'll sit quietly with a pack of tissues and let yourself be swallowed up by the overwhelming feeling of being lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Don't worry -- you won't be alone!

Which quote best sums up the America you love?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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I sure miss America...

nonmember avatar kevobx

America? From camp David to the star of David, a false god of Israel (Acts 7:43). King David is America's government, following the state of Israel (Isaiah 9:7). Camp David to Jerusalem, brings the spirit of grace, (Zechariah 12:10). The state of Israel (1st Samuel 18:26) vs the star of Jacob (Numbers 24:17). The star of David (Isaiah 7:13 And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also? *Matthew 1:23* White / red people are from Cain and Esau's tree. Black is Jacob, one of the twelve tribes. (Genesis 34:30). Pale is death, and Dan is the serpent by the way. Esau is thou art / art thou the devil is Cain uncovered (John 8:44). Satan is him even (Luke 19:32) that is his name. Little children, remember odds even your it.

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