First Photo of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Aimee Copeland Smiling Will Inspire Everyone (VIDEO)

Aimee Copeland
Aimee and her parents
If you want to see what a human being is capable of with enough will power, belief, and supportive friends and family, you need look no further than Aimee Copeland, the Georgia woman who has been fighting a "flesh-eating" disease after a tumble from a homemade zipline into a river. A cut became infected with the bacteria, and soon doctors had to remove her left leg, right foot, hands, and part of her torso. But Amy has shown a resilience beyond what medical staff -- and the rest of us -- could ever imagine. Her condition has been upgraded to "good" from "critical." Also, she has gone outside for the first time.

Says Aimee's father, who has been by her side since her ordeal began:

The look on Aimee's face was just incredible. She could smell the pine trees and feel the breeze through her hair and just the sun on her skin. That was a remarkable change for her just to see how she glowed when we took her outside.

This is seriously a miracle.


Not only has Aimee gone outside, but her doting and dedicated dad has revealed other astonishing news: Aimee mostly uses meditation to control her pain, and is even disappointed in herself for asking for morphine one time. It's safe to say that most of us would be hooked up to the morphine drip 24/7, so this is quite amazing. But Aimee has always been interested in a natural and holistic approach to life.

And even more incredibly (if you can believe there is more), Aimee's dad, Andy, says that when Aimee was told what happened to her, she didn't wail, scream, and curse the gods above (as surely I would have done). Nope. Aimee said she "likes" the fact that she now has a challenge and that this challenge will bring her "opportunities."

Wow. I mean. Just. Wow. If only we could all think like this. I'm completely in awe of Aimee and her positivity.

Here is Aimee outside for the first time. Isn't she inspiring?

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Image via ABC News

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