Totally Fearless Great-Grandmothers Skydive to Help Feed Veterans

parachuting tandemJust when you thought Lima, Ohio couldn't get a cooler rep thanks to "starring" on national TV as the setting of Glee ... Now, the suburb is making headlines for being the spot where two incredibly brave great-grandmothers parachuted from a plane this past weekend. Not just for kicks, though. Nope. Lima resident, 83-year-old Marjorie Bryan and 82-year-old Marianna Sherman of Kenton were on a mission to raise money for a local chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America and its veterans' food pantry in northwestern Ohio. (Blue Star Mothers organization is made up of mothers whose kids have served in the military.)

While a crowd of 200+ looked on, the ladies jumped in tandem retired Sgt. 1st Class Michael Elliott -- who is known for having done the same with former President George H.W. Bush on his 83rd and 85th birthdays -- and a team of six other members of the Ranger Group, a band of retired Army Ranger paratroopers said to have "loads of training and experience." Awesome!


So were they freaked out when they took the dive? Apparently not at all! The local Lima newspaper described Bryan as "jubilant" when she hit the ground, and she said she wants to "accompany Bush if he jumps again for his 90th birthday." Ha. (Wonder what Barbara would have to say about that ...)

But that doesn't mean the experience was entirely smooth sailing for these great-grannies, but they stuck to it and got 'er done. Elliott explained:

These Blue Star Mothers are so sweet, so special. We came up here two months ago, and they said they had this plan, and we said here's what you have to do. It was challenging, but they did it. They didn't quit.

Love that can-do spirit! Bryan and Sherman totally deserve a round of applause for being so brave -- especially for such an important cause.

How inspiring is this?

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