Mom Billed for Blood Cleanup After Son Killed by a Drunk Driver

accident sceneAs if losing a child weren't enough, a mother in South Carolina has had an added burden loaded on her shoulder this month. She now has to pay to have the blood of her son cleaned off the street where he was killed by a drunk driver. It's the sort of bill that makes you wonder who wrote it: man or machine.

Loretta Robinson said she was having a hard enough time coming to terms with the loss of her eldest child, Justin Walker, when the bill came in. Written to him -- the deceased -- it demanded $50 for the municipality that had to send someone out to rid the street of evidence of the horrific tragedy. Talk about victimizing the victim!

I understand that times are tough, and cities and counties don't have a whole lot of wiggle room in their budgets. Taxpayers bear an awful lot of the burden as it is that a little creativity in finding funding is almost always in order ... almost.

But there's something about a bill sent to the family of a dead man to clean his blood from the highway that really rubs me the wrong way. It's so heartless that I have a hard time imagining the politician who suggested this little cost-saving measure. What's next? Telling rape victims the should have to pay to prosecute their rapist?

Here the Robinson family is, victims of a senseless crime, and the municipality is essentially blaming their son for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The real criminal here is Anna Gonzalez, an illegal immigrant who has been convicted in killing Justin, and who faces 17 years in prison ... but not the bill.

The people running local governments have to remember that they represent people, not just numbers. Those people may be taxpayers, yes, but they're human beings too. Something we taxpayers have to accept is that we pay for all pay for the services afforded crime victims because one day that could be our family on the receiving end of a little compassion.

What do you think should be done with this bill? Should Loretta Robinson have to pay to have her son's blood cleaned from the street or should the cost be written off?


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bills... billsfan1104

Unfortunetly things are not free. I am sure the drubk drivers insurance will pay for it.

Todd Vrancic

Why not send the bill to the drunk driver who killed him?

Brandy Arnold

This is horrible!  Why are they not charging the drunk driver with the bills?  Sick!

Tracey Plummer

The drunk driver should have gotten the bill. That should never have gone to the victim's mother. How sad.

nonmember avatar KarmaPolice

This is what you get when you ask for small government and lower taxes: less services. You want to only pay for what you deem you need, what you use? This is the kind of thing that happens that people won't talk about. You asked for it.... your nose has been bitten off, but at least your face is spited.

abra819 abra819

As victim of drunk driving, and now a mother, the just enrages me. 

Misty... Misty.Dawn

agree with the comments so far. The bill shouldve went to the drunk driver. Like this mother is suffering enough, they have to do something like this! Very very horrible!!!!

nonmember avatar Lord K

@ billsfan - point taken but why the hell should the victim's family pay for it, the drunk driver should pay for it out of pocket!! Insurance should have to cover this.

Alaina Quist

you have to think about how many people's hands this had to go through before it was sent. not one person said hey this is pretty shitty and we shouldnt do this. what kind of an ass hat thinks this is a good idea to bring in some revenue?

PonyC... PonyChaser

I don't even think that insurance should cover this. Why should MY insurance rates go up because some idiot drives drunk (and yes, I realize it has already gone up because of that).

Ms. Gonzales (an illegal, btw) should have to pay. It should be added to her fines, and she should have to work it off while in prison.

Rape kits should be paid for by the rapists, whether it's one kit or a hundred.

Crime scene cleanup, in general, should be assessed on the perpetrator of the crime. You make the mess, YOU clean it up. It works for our kids, it should be the same for everyone.

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