Jerry Sandusky Reportedly 'Serenaded' by Prison Inmates & He Should Be Scared (VIDEO)

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Jerry SanduskyIf the guilty verdict in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial seemed like the right ending to the whole disturbing scandal at Penn State, just wait. The reports out of Centre County Correctional Facility paint a picture of just what the former football coach is in for during his expected tenure in prison. And folks, it doesn't sound pretty. 

The last time he was brought into jail -- directly after his arrest -- the Daily says the prisoners greeted him with a rendition of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, specifically the line "Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!" It turns out the inmates on the inside know all about what's been going on outside with Sandusky. And you know what this means.

If the serenade story is true, it sound like the minute the 68-year-old now convicted child molester hits the general population, he will be face-to-face with hardened criminals who loathe and despise him. Is it wrong to say I'm rather glad?

If it is, I don't want to be right, folks.

You always hear the rumors that pedophiles are considered the "lowest of the low" in prison. But this bit of confirmation is ... well, I hate to say heartening, but come on! It's depressing enough to think that people commit the kind of heinous crimes that land them in prison. If they were actually slapping a pedophile on the back and saying "Yeah man!" what would that say about some of the folks walking around the world right now?

I'm not suggesting the prison guards send Sandusky out specifically to be manhandled by the other inmates. That would be stooping to a lower level of sorts. And for now, they're keeping him on suicide watch.

But if we truly want justice for the boys who the coach abused, that should mean a miserable time in prison. These kids lived with the worry that this man, this coach, would prey on them at any time. They had to keep an eye over their shoulders at all times, and there's no doubt that they still do to some extent. Sexually abused kids don't just "get over it" when the physical abuse stops. The emotional turmoil goes on and on.

So why shouldn't Sandusky worry about what the other prisoners will do to him? He's now a convicted child molester. And he sure as heck deserves to be treated like one.

Here's a little more on what Sandusky's lawyers have up their sleeves next:

Should Jerry Sandusky be sent out into the general population with the other inmates now that he's been convicted?


Image via Centre County Correctional Facility

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nonmember avatar kay

Don't get your hopes up, he's 68 and will most likely be sent to the prison that houses only the elderly inmates. He's kinda big and in pretty good shape for a 68 yr old. There most likely won't be any vigilante justice happening there.

Kritika Kritika

Where's Sasha's sympathy article about his treatment in prison? Should be any minute...

Todd Vrancic

No, don't put him in general population in prison, release him and give him no protection.  Either that, or give him to his victims and/or their families.  If I found out a teacher or coach did this to one of my kids, he would be "singing soprano" or rather, castrati, when the police got him.

nonmember avatar kaerae

What's unfair is that child rapists are protected in solitary, while some 18-year-old who made a dumb mistake or stole something is subject to beatings and gang rape. Who really deserves extra protection? Certainly not the ones who get it~!

dixie... dixiechick2

Yes, put him with the general population, he'll get what he deserves! A relative used to work in a max security prison, he said when a child molester came there, and the inmates found out, the sick bastard would get what he deserved!

dirti... dirtiekittie

quit worrying about suicide watch and put him in gen pop. the kids he harmed weren't given a chance, and neither should he.

nonmember avatar Tara

He made his bed.... Now he can lie in it. Where is that smug grin now hmmmm?

nonmember avatar Lord K

Yes put him in the general population!! Elderly inmates already cost double the younger inmates, why should the people of Pennsylvania and possibly even the rest of the US taxpayers have to pay to support a monster like this! Let the inmates take care of the problem like they did with Dahmer.

@ kaerae I completely agree with you!

nonmember avatar Jaye

I would pay an inmate to harass this guy.

Sidthe Sidthe

I've always wanted to follow the chomos or start writing an inmate and let it slip whenever a chomo was sent into the prison so they can take care of it... Sorry but I'm like Tara the smug bastard made his bed now he can reap ALL the consequences and if it includes the General Population...well yah. And if they really did seranade him...that is like ten kinds of badass!

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