Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty On 45 Counts of Sexual Abuse: Now What? (VIDEO)

Jerry Sandusky found Guilty of 45 counts of sexual abuseIt's official: Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty of 45 counts of child sexual abuse involving 10 different boys over a 15 year period. It's a chilling verdict that will most likely put the 68-year-old slimeball behind bars for the remainder of his life. Sandusky showed little emotion last night as the verdict was read, and was lead away from the Pennsylvania courthouse wearing handcuffs.

The more I read about the breakdown of what he was found guilty of doing, by victim, the more my stomach churns and I feel ill. There are so many questions I have floating in my mind. How's his wife, Dottie, feeling -- especially after last weeks graphic testimonies? How does she sleep at night? What's it got to feel like to be one of those 10 boys, now adults?

I may not be able to answer those questions. One I can though: does this sweeping verdict make anything better? In my eyes, absolutely not.


Jerry Sandusky was a serial child predator . For the 10 victims, this verdict may be a victory for justice. However, the guilty verdict does NOT change the past, and definitely does not compensate for the lifelong consequences they face as victims of sexual abuse. These victims, many of which were scared to come out in the first place, were fondled, raped, and forced into oral sex. Plain and simple: these are memories that aren't just erased by a verdict.

Nevertheless, I find comfort in the knowing that Sandusky and his "histrionic personality disorder" will most likely be far, far away from children for the rest of his life. Sandusky's lead defense attorney Joe Amendola has already told CBS News that they plan to appeal his client's sex abuse convictions.

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How do you feel about the Sandusky verdict?


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