Dad Spanking Daughter's Boyfriend Video Looks Too Depraved to Be Real (VIDEO)

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spanking dadSo this happened: A man spanked his teenage daughter's adult boyfriend for having sex with her. Supposedly he gave the young man a choice between getting a spanking or a full-on ass whupping. Boyfriend went with the spanking.

(Cue sleazy porn music.) The strangely calm dad made the young man lie down on his belly. He roughly pulled down his pants and underwear. Goose pimple sprang up on the man's bare buttocks, now exposed for all the world to see thanks to the dad's videotaping friend. The dad slapped those springy butt cheeks, over and over, until the young man cried out in surrender. "Enough dude! I ain't even gonna be able to sit, dude!"

Is it just my twisted mind, or is this the frumpy suburban dad version of 50 Shades of Grey

Right, so that's not weird at all. Nope, definitely not kinky. Not reminding me of that S&M scene from Pulp Fiction.

Okay, DUDE. If you're really so concerned about protecting your supposedly 15-year-old daughter from some lecherous, supposedly 27-year-old guy, why don't you have him arrested and have a serious conversation with your daughter?

And this boyfriend. What kind of a man would let his girlfriend's dad spank him just to avoid a real fist fight or jail time? I guess the dad was trying to humiliate him so he won't come 'round no more. It's just your suburban garden variety psycho-sexual hyper-masculine pissing match. Heh heh, that's all!

Or it's a really weird sex video with bad costuming and dialogue. Either way it's kind of sad. Also: Ew.

What do you really think is going on here?


Image via rassule/YouTube

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CPN322 CPN322

This is just too weird.

Doreen Smith-Weaver

first of all that wasnt brutal you should meet my mom that was just tooo weird

kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

Huh. I dont know what to make of this. One the one hand, what with chaining our daughters to a basement cell for the duration of their formative years being illegal and all, parents are beginning to feel forced into finding creative ways to keep them from turning into "floozies." It is really hard nowadays. So hard that I find myself spending time thinking about it and my DD is only EIGHT. On the other hand, MY husband would have just opted to whoop his behind. Hm. I will get back to you.

Tracy Hall Roberts

No I dont think thats how you handle it the dad seemed to enjoy it to much. I understand not wanting his daughter to have sex but there has to be anouther way and filming it just makes the dad look very creepy.


Tracy Hall Roberts

First you dont let your teenager date a older man, that was the Dad first problem, and what 27 wants to date a 15 yr old that is creepy too. OMG there is alot of wrong here.

Amanda Hazlett-Lynch

I thought that sh*t was funny hahahaha weird as hell but funny all the same!!And i bet that dude will think twice before he sleeps with another girl hahahahaha!!!


nonmember avatar Brydan

I seriously doubt this is a true story.

zandh... zandhmom2

This story can NOT be real.  I think they just acted it out.  I don't know of any grown man who would let another grown man spank him ( unless it was for mutual fun).  I really don't believe it.

nonmember avatar jazmynn

I don't think it could have really hurt as bad as the "guy" was acting like it did. And its weird the dad kept saying well that's what kelsey got. It wasn't very clear but he didn't look 27 to me. Awkward

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