11-Year-Old Boy Heroically Stabs Mom's Abusive Boyfriend as He Chokes Her

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crime scene On Saturday night, a brave 11-year-old Brooklyn boy became a hero in a way he should never have to. Terrance Allen watched in terror and horror as his mother's live-in boyfriend allegedly attacked her, trying to strangle her. When Terrance's older cousin tried to intervene, the man reportedly turned on her, knocked her to the floor, and began choking her as well. This is when Terrance thought to himself, "I had enough."

Though only 11 years old, Terrance felt he needed to do something to stop the attack on the two women in his life, his mother, 35-year-old Tracy Anderson, and his 27-year-old cousin, Kenyetta Parker. His mother's boyfriend, Timothy Pender, had allegedly been beating his mother up for half an hour. Although terrified, Terrance felt he needed to act. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a small knife. He then watched the attack unfold more. Says Terrance:

I didn’t say anything. I just stood there for two or three minutes. I wanted to see if he would get off her. But he didn’t. He was choking my cousin. She was punching him, trying to get him off. That’s when I thought -- I had enough.

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So Terrance stabbed the man in the back. He then ran out of the apartment and down the street. A stranger found him, brought him to her apartment, and dialed 911. The cops then came and arrested Pender.

Terrance told the Daily News that he now wants to be a police officer and help "put away people" like Pender, who has been charged with second degree assault.

Terrance's mom is grateful to her son and says, "That's my boy." But no child should ever be put in this position. The trauma that Terrance has just been through cannot be for nothing. For Terrance's mother to truly thank her child, I hope she never lets this creep back into their lives.

What do you think of Terrance's actions?


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the4m... the4mutts

I think exactly what you said. Good for him! But sad that he had to step up. Hopefully the entire family recovers, and moves on.

navyw... navywife0204

that is one brave boy, but I can't imagine the trauma he os going to have to get over... first watching this guy beat on his family, and then having to stab him.  Hopefully, he's able to achieve his goal of being  a police officer.


femal... femaleMIKE

His mom will allow him back into her life.

nonmember avatar Lilac

I hope his mother has better taste in men from now on. No child should ever have to do that!

dee31087 dee31087

If that mom ever allows him bak she deserves what she gets n I hope the boy never has to b in a situation like that again.. great that he defended his family but he could have tried to get help in that first half HR he was beating her..

pupuk... pupukeawahine

The mom is partly to blame, being with a man like that.  Most women who have have been abused by a man for a while keep putting up with more and more, as it gets worse and worse, often escalating to the point that it did in this case.  It seems when domestic violence occurs against women and children, it almost always is the "boyfriend."

nonmember avatar Lord K

Please, ladies, you're seriously underestimating the boy. Sure he will be shaken, even an adult male would be, but he will be fine. He did, what so many young feminized men fail to do today, stood up for his family. He could have cowered in another room, but nope, he saw a wrong and an evil, and made attempt to right it. That kind of strength of character means he will not only recover, he will be even stronger for it.

In short, don't worry about the boy, worry about any future abusive boyfriends the mother may have.

Joo Hee Bennett

The sad part about it, is that women have tendencies to go back. My sister is in an abusive relationship (it goes both ways, both have sent each other to jail for domestic violence) and now they are having a baby together. Smh

nonmember avatar Guest

Good thing Pender wasn't carrying Skittles...

Maevelyn Maevelyn

His mom is entirely to blame, I seriously doubt that this was the first time the man acted violently. She's lucky her son's heroism didn't land him in an early grave. I'm glad he saved them but he should never have seen that, never have had to stab some one. 

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