'Forest Boy' Mystery Solved & It's a Doozy

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Forest boy Robin Van HelsumThe identity of the "forest boy" who oh so mysteriously wandered out of the woods in Germany last fall is out. His name is Robin Van Helsum, and the 20-year-old is not even a "boy." But he IS a total jerk.

As many of us (yup, even me), suspected when the weird story first made the news in September, the whole thing was a hoax. The release of photos by the Berlin Police Department this week has confirmed the guy they've spent money and resources on for the past nine months is not actually a kid named Ray who spent five years living in the woods. The dad forest boy said he buried in a shallow grave after he died? He was a fake: Van Helsum's real father died this year, not knowing where his son was. 

Say it with me now, folks ...

Throw the book at him! Please!

There's talk that Berlin Police might let their not-so mysterious forest boy walk. They're still evaluating whether forest boy will have to pay for his actions. But let's settle it right here and now: make him pay through the nose! 

He's an adult, and they say forest boy, er, Van Helsum is legally allowed to stay in Germany if he desires, although they won't be footing the bill for his care anymore. But holy grilled cheez-us folks, the fact that he IS an adult is exactly why he should have to pay something for his little prank!

This isn't a teenager being goofy. This guy, this adult (remember, he's 20, not 17 as he'd claimed), has spent nine months being "cared" for by the state, costing German taxpayers money and wasting the time of the Berlin Police Department. I'm sure those officers had better things to do; solving real crimes. But they put time and effort into locating a family for a kid who tugged at their heartstrings.

And all along Robin Van Helsum had a stepmother in the Netherlands. He had a family who actually reported him missing way back in September. Can you just imagine what it was like for his poor dad to pass away still wondering what happened to his child? The burden on them had to be excruciating.

Van Helsum has victims everywhere he turns, from the police to the taxpayers to his family back in the Netherlands. There's no "if" the Dutchman should have to make restitution for his crime. There's only "when."

What do you think they should do with the forest boy now?


Image via Berlin Police


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CPN322 CPN322

I want to know why he did that.

Stacey. Stacey.

There is more to this story than we know. I cant make a decision without knowing the state of his mental health.

SoJaided SoJaided

I saw a movie a few years back with a similar story line. Wish I could remember the name. Maybe he saw it too lol

Jennifer Ives O'Meara

Jeanne, your posts are really annoying, and not filled with any factual information. Like your trolling for an arguement. If you are going to report then do some real investigating, there is always a story to be told if you look closely. This boy is clearly not right, mentally, there is more to this story, so go find it, write about it, then make your case.

dynom... dynomitesmall

There had to have been something wrong in his home life or with his mental state. They should really look into that before they decide. Also, the writers on this site are not REPORTERS. They are bloggers. They blog their personal opinions on what is happening in the news.

Angie Terry

Way to put it dynomitesmall. These are NOT reporters and shouldn't be held to those standards. It's a blog. an opinion. You don't have to like it but she has a right to express it. I happen to agree with Jeanne most of the time anyway!

Mariah Gillow

Ok guys...1) As a volunteer firefighter, I get SERIOUSLY annoyed, when we are called out at 2 a.m. for a prank. Think of all the time, effort, and money the German police and citizens put in to solving this. 2) Should we not be held accountable for our actions? Far too many people use the "insanity" plea to get out of ridiculous behavior...if there were stricter penalties, maybe people would think twice about doing the things they do. At some point in the 9 MONTHS of his lie, this ADULT must have known he was in the wrong, if not before he even went ahead w/ this bull#*@%. 3) Jeanne IS a REAL reporter. She ALSO blogs. Google it. If you do not like what she posts...why read it? In my opinion, this person should be made an example of...maybe it will send a message to the rest of the morons.

rhps2000 rhps2000

These blog/posts can be annoying. Hardly any info. How can you find out if you don't read it?

mothe... motherinNH

If the Berlin police put out this photo 9 months ago, they would have saved themselves and the tax payers the money everyone is so upset about.

femal... femaleMIKE

IUnless they live under a rock, I am sure his family knew where he was.  If I heard the story in US, I am sure they heard the story in Germany.

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