Teenage Girls Accused of 'Pimping' Other Young Girls Into Prostitution

Human trafficking

There are some things you expect from 15-year-old girls. Lots of pointless phone conversations and rapid-fire texting. Maybe a bad test grade or report card here and there. Falling outs with friends, overdramatized crushes on boys, and an exorbitant amount of time spent in the shower, the mirror, and the mall. But here’s a new twist to the things-a-teenage-girl-might-do repertoire: human trafficking

Two 15-year-old Canadian gals -- and a 17-year-old who’s since gone on the lam -- are facing multiple charges after police say they forced other underage girls into prostitution. Using (surprise, surprise) social media, they corralled three victims between the ages of 13 and 17 to a home in Ottawa. The abductees were allegedly driven to various parts of the city, pimped into prostitution, and forced to perform sex acts on men. Wow. Talk about innocence lost and, apparently, stolen.

It’s 10:30. Do you know where your teenager is? 

To make matters worse, police say there’s no evidence that the girls acted on behalf of a manipulative adult like a pimp, a wayward parent, or even a nasty older sibling. They may have, however, been products of the human trafficking system themselves at some point and decided to balk against the prostituting and stand up on the money-making end of the deal instead. It’s the classic cycle of victimization when the underdog becomes the aggressor and repeats the very pattern they suffered.

That’s all speculation, though. They could just be girls with a premature, early developed penchant for taking advantage of unsuspecting peers, like A Clockwork Orange type of affair. And that’s even more frightening than the standard issue male perverts and pedophiles lurking about to rob them of their virtue. Who sees a teenage girl as a potential threat to the sexual sanctity of another teenage girl?

We’re always hollering about keeping our kids safe on social media, but I’m pretty sure most of us wouldn’t see this kind of rancidness coming on Facebook or Twitter because, again, it’s cloaked in the innocence of an average teenage girl hangout. Incidentally, human trafficking as a whole is on the rise in the U.S. So the girls’ involvement is just another aspect to a socially crippling sign of the times.

How harshly should the girls be punished?

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Aya Sara

This case did not surprise me, only that it took so long to happen in the light of day where something is being done about it. This behaviour, if not connected to a pimp, is still unsurprising considering the sexualized / rape culture we live in today. When it's normal to refer to women as bitches, and famous pop culture figures beat women with no reprimand, and women feel they can't speak up when being 'mildly' harassed so they won't make a fuss... I don't know why this comes as such a shock. It's an extreme extension of the world we live in.
It's all interconnected.
When we move away from respecting and honouring one another, and begin to dehumanize someone, seeing them as 'other' or 'less than', it creates issues that end like this.
It is NOT normal (or possible) for a well-adjusted girl to wake up one day and decide to brutalize another girl.
If anything, this should be a huge wake up call for all of us.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Tragic for sure, but not totally surprising. You said yourself, our society sees us men as the villians and teen girls as the ultimate symbols of pure innocense. What's surprising is that they were caught, but then, this happened in Canada. Had these girls been living in America, there's no way they would have ever gotten caught, our police, our society would have insisted it was men doing this and wasted time and resources looking for men, while those teen girls continued to exploit other teen girls. It makes one wonder how much of this is going on here in our country, but being overlooked because we as a society insists it has to be a man doing it.

nonmember avatar Guest

Please link to to the original news report. I think this a hoax story you fell for.

Morgan Wilson

It is definitely not a hoax story...



nonmember avatar Lord K

@ Guest - where's your link proving this story is a hoax? I've seen several followups and ain't one of them about this being a hoax.

The idea of young teen girls being human traffickers contrary to your cherished view of women being perfect? Too bad! It happens!

MomLi... MomLily67

The deserve what is coming to them as prescribed by Canadian laws...

Willow Firestar

This happens in the United States. Has been happening in the United States for decades without SOCIAL MEDIA. There was a case in Florida where a new to town teenage girl got to know another girl and had a pretend family, etc to lure the girl into prostitution. The girl went to the new kid's house to have a sleepover and hang out, she was drugged and when she came to a few times she was being raped. She had been sold by the time she woke up to someone and was being transported there. She managed to escape and call 911 and her mom. The police didn't believe her because she had run away before and was known as promiscious. The people who did that to that girl are still free to my knowledge. Sometimes there aren't happy endings, many times these kids just vanish into thin air. Its just like the 125,000 African American kids who disappear every year in America too. Where do they go and why isn't anyone concerned about it? I tried to teach my college students this information. That human trafficking and slavery still exists. They could not wrap their heads around this topic. They didn't understand what it meant even though they got drug trafficking down and understood that. We need to realize that the world's problems are here too. That there is evil everywhere. And the only thing we can do about it is raise conscious kids, who know to watch their surroundings and to spot things that seem out of place and odd, and what to do when they notice those things.

Jlee4249 Jlee4249

I recently read a magazine article by a young woman who went to a party with her new college roommate. She had a few too many, trying to impress some cute guy, she said. She blacked out and woke up naked in the bathroom with 12 used condoms around her. When she got back to her room, her roommate was there counting the money she had made "selling" her that night.

So, yeah. This stuff can happen everywhere and anywhere.

Aaren Goodnough

that really surprises me, thats new, even for mean girls. parents, how are we failing our kids so badly? so many lost in all that, both sides and their families. lets hope their parents dont bail them out of jail, parents have to let their kids learn a lesson!!! that is a huge part of the problem : ( its all so sad.

nonmember avatar vancity888

In canada there is a focus on extrajudicial sanctions for young offenders to keep them out of prison (aka crime university). My educated guess is house arrest and probation and I hope victim offender mediation if the victims are up to it so those girls have to sit and listen to how their actions impacted the victims. Sit across from the person they hurt and accept responsibility and see firsthand the trauma they caused

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