Dad Who Killed His Daughter’s Molester Regrets It, So Stop Applauding Him!

crime sceneThe debate over whether a father who found a man molesting his 4-year-old daughter and allegedly beat him to death has been raging for days now. And it's time to put it to bed. Cops say the Texas dad will likely not be prosecuted. What's more: he says he wishes it hadn't happened.

A grand jury will still debate charges of some kind for the father while police search for family of the deceased before releasing his name. And regardless of their decision, the father who acted out on his daughter's abuser has two things to live with for the rest of his life that I don't wish on anyone.

For the rest of his life, the dad, whose identity has been sealed to protect that of his daughter, the sexual abuse victim, will close his eyes and see a man hurting his precious child. There's no escaping that.

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The molestation was not his fault. But here's betting it haunts him anyway. Because that's what happens when you're a parent: seeing your child hurt is not something you can put in a box and stow on some dusty shelf in your brain.

And then there's the beating, the death of the sick pervert who dared hurt that little girl. The father has expressed regret for the beating death, according to the Sheriff in Lavaca County. Sheriff Micah Harmon says he never meant to kill the man and has referred to the incident as accidental.

I'm not surprised. I said this week that beating someone to death, no matter the circumstances doesn't make someone a hero. It sounds like this dad agrees with me.

Hurting someone for hurting an innocent child sounds like it would fill you with satisfaction. But there's a distinction that the folks who have been thumping on their chests that this man is indeed a hero have failed to make. There's hurting, and then there's killing.

To cause the death of another is a whole other ball of wax. It isn't something you get over easily, even if you had the best of intentions. Maybe especially if you had the best of intentions ... after all, a person who kills on accident is not a cold-blooded killer. The person who kills on accident is more likely to have real feelings about it, because they are, at heart, a good person. Just ask anyone who has accidentally killed someone: the driver who came around a turn and hit the pedestrian because they couldn't stop.

No matter what happens with that grand jury, this Texas father's nightmare is just beginning. And throwing around the word "hero" is not going to lighten his load.

Put yourself in this dad's shoes, how would you be feeling right now?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Sorry...if some one touched my children inappropriately, they'd be dead. What that man did was a service not only to his daughter, but any other child that might have been harmed by that sicko. Im glad to hear he may not be prosecuted. He was protecting his daughter from the worst sort of harm we could imagine our children seeing and he deserves to be celebrated for it. 

Call me cold...but it still doesnt change the way I feel. 

peanu... peanutsmommy1

I expressed the same sentiments about this yesterday in the other disussion on The Stir.... my mailbox BLEW UP with people calling me anything from a terrible parent to a monster.


seaho... seahorsesiren

Obviously killing a person is not something that is easy for most sane rational people. Yes this father will have to leave with someone hurting his precious daughter and the fact that he killed a man. This is not saying that I don't agree with what the father did because I do. I would have done the exact same thing this father did . If anyone ever touched my son that person would definitely not be walking. All I am saying is that this man will always have these mixed feelings...knowing that he did the right thing by his daughter but has to live with the horrible images of that day.

tnyangel tnyangel

Evalyn, I will join you at Cold Anonymous!

tnyangel tnyangel

I'll make wine slushies.

Eques... EquestrianMom

Here's the fact of it IMO, if I ever, EVER, caught someone molesting my child, I can know for a fact I will beat that person within an inch of their life. Possibly to death. That said, I will also feel awful about it. It will be temporary insanity, defense of family, etc, but I will feel not one ounce better then the person I beat. Because I am not, in that moment I am not one bit better.


sthfl... sthflachk

you're the one, Jeanne, who didn't read all of the articles when this happened and just shot off at the mouth about him not being a hero because he killed someone. If you had read any of the gazillion comments you would have seen that some of us TOLD YOU that he REGRETTED killing the guy. He is a HERO for protecting his daughter and it's ALMOST too bad the guy died as a result. Not too bad for the guy that died but too bad for the Father who will have to live with it. Get off your SANCTIMONIOUS high horse becuase we call him a hero. Some of us have dealt with abuse either directly or indirectly (have you?) and have no compassion for the "victim" just the Father and his child. 

Ugh, sometimes you "contributors" make me sick! Do proper research and read the comments on your "articles".

seaho... seahorsesiren

Ditto on agreeing with Evelyn

nonmember avatar JD


Thank G-d he lives in Texas, Sager's state would prosecute him to the nth degree.

"cold" is Sager's position: inaction, doing nothing, getting hurt or killed doing nothing, allowing evil to flourish and multiply, prosecuting the innocent Dad, demonizing the Dad, elevating the pedophile as a victim himself and 'what made him do it' 'why he did it' and 'why we're supposed to care', etc.

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