Teacher Who Exposed Embarrassing Sex Secret to Class Quits

laptop glowing in the darkA Florida teacher has been forced to resign over a cringe-worthy incident which, honestly, sounds like it could have happened to anybody. (Well, anyone who watches Internet porn, and isn't that pretty much everyone?) Reportedly, Jose Rosario-Gonzalez hooked up his work laptop to the classroom projector at Taylor Middle-High School in Pierson, Florida last month, in order to play a YouTube video for students, who then noticed that an X-rated item, entitled, "Gay Threesome Sex," was hanging out in his viewing queue. Ack!

One student reportedly wrote in a complaint letter, "The whole class was saying 'eww' and 'What is that doing on there?' and he just kept scrolling and didn't say anything." Later, the incident was reported to the school by a parent.

Now, come on. The poor guy shouldn't have had to address it to his class -- which would have been 100 times worse. Can you imagine ... "Yes, class, 'Gay Threesome Sex.' When I'm not catching documentaries on the Civil War, sometimes I like to watch 'Gay Threesome Sex.' What's it to you?" Agh! Clearly, his big mistake was viewing the porn on that school-issued laptop in the first place. But is it reason enough for him having to choose between being "recommended for dismissal" or having to resign on his own? I dunno. It's not like it was kiddie porn ... Sounds a bit extreme.

Granted, he did have a history of a couple of other questionable decisions -- like recommending his students check out a website that had "inappropriate content and links." But what does that even mean? "Inappropriate" is relative, and it's almost impossible to keep smut 100 percent at bay on the web. 

Nonetheless, what's done is done. And with Rosario-Gonzalez still facing an investigation by the Florida Department of Education, the evidence (or lack thereof) will hopefully speak for itself, proving that he is or isn't the monster some in his community seems to be making him out to be.

Do you think this teacher should be kept out of the classroom?

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calim... calimom73

For me it e on who owns the laptop- him or the school? 

Taisie Taisie

When you sign into your youtube account it remembers what you recently watched, no matter what computer your on...

and no, not everyone watches porn....

nonmember avatar Pollopicu

Serves him right. Perhaps he should've been more responsible. I think it's disgusting how society is trying as hard as they might to normalize porn. But the honest truth is that porn is an addiction that ruins relationships and even careers because people have to go so damn overboard with it like their life depends on it.

CPN322 CPN322

I don't watch porn, but based solely on this once incident, I don't think he should have been fired.

nonmember avatar Lydia

Ewww!! Sick, depraved man!! He was clearly trying to prep some of his students to molest them later! Always a man doing this! We need to get rid of all men in school systems!

kuwel... kuwelsdestiny

I think he should have been fired. It doesnt take much intelligence - or foresight - at all to be sure that nothing inappropriate is on the laptop YOU PLAN TO USE IN YOUR CLASSROOM. I watch porn, I will admit it. But I would also feel like a horrible mother if I allowed my child to play on that computer and she found what I watch. Teachers are role models for our kids. Not that their lives should be perfect, but keeping a less-than-chaste lifestyle out of the sight of students is as simple as CREATING A NEW YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. And if he doesnt have the smarts to do even that, how much good could he possibly be to the kids.

Not to even mention the fact that within seconds of that class letting out the whole school probably knew about it, so its not like he could even change the class that he teaches....

Alma313 Alma313

Lydia, I hope your comment was sarcastic.

Taisie Taisie

Alma, Lydia goes around to almost every post commenting in a manner stating that all men are sexual predators pretty much, it is sad, and getting old. She also seems to believe that no woman is capable of being a predator in any  way shape or form. Anyhow, back on topic...

I agree, this man had a responsibility to make sure that his own sexual interests, whether they were straight or gay, makes no difference to me, were not evident to the children he was teaching, and that the children in class would not be exposed to pornography.  He should have either made sure he cleared his youtube history prior to using his account in class, or better yet, made a youtube account to be used strictly for his teaching settings, that way, no mistakes would be made.

As far as if he should have been fired, that would be a tough call, as some have said, it would make the rounds of the school very quickly, where sadly, his sexual preference would be used against him by some parents/students, which in my opinion, is not right, however, everyone is entitled to their own, and therefore, it may have been at the very least best to possibly transfer him, as the focus would no longer be on his teacher skills where it belonged.

If he does have a past history of other indiscretions of a similar nature, than I would say it is time to take a very close look at him take whatever steps are necassary to protect the children at the school, because that is the most important thing in all of this.

Jenny... JennyG0929

THis sounds like a vouyer type of behavior. I had a boss who searched porn and would regularly ask me to clean out his internet histroy and cookies. He mustve got his jollies off of me doing that.

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