5 Facts About Gary Johnson: The Presidential Candidate You've Never Heard Of

gary johnsonThe name Gary Johnson seems so innocuous. It sounds like the name of someone who'd be car salesman, a manager at Applebee's, or the next door neighbor who parks his Dodge Stratus offensively close to the place you set your trash cans. Mr. Johnson may, in fact, be all those people, but he also might be the next leader of the free world. Yup, Gary Johnson is running for president. The former Governor of New Mexico is the Libertarian Party's nominee for the Oval Office.

If you're anything like me, you've never heard of this fellow before now, you thought the presidential race was only two candidates, and you really dislike it when people park too close to your trash can spot.

In the name of edumacation, let's take a gander at five facts about this man who wants to be our Commander in Chief.

  1. He's been nicknamed Governor Veto. During his two terms as Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, Johnson vetoed 200 of the 424 bills approved by the State Legislature. His over-rulings set a state, and national, record. He vetoed more bills than all the other 49 state governors ... combined. 
  2. He believes in low taxes, hates large spending, supports gay marriage, is pro getting illegal workers citizenship, wants to decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana, and is against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He pretty much defines the phrase "fiscally conservative, socially liberal."
  3. Which may be why the Republican Party doesn't want much to do with him. Johnson originally announced his candidacy for President with the G.O.P. but, after exclusion for primary debates, switched to the Libertarian Party. When polls actually include him in their surveys of voters, 80 percent say they have no opinion of him.
  4. He's an incredible athlete. He's summited Everest despite frost bite, he's competed in multiple Ironman races, he once ran 100 miles in 30 consecutive hours, and he almost died when he accidentally paraglided into a tree. Jeez.
  5. Johnson might be just the guy you're looking for. If you are tired of social Republican conservatism and really sick of Democrats over-spending, Gary is your man. At least, that's what he says, anyway.

Time will tell if Gary Johnson has any staying power, but at least now when you hear his name, you'll know he's running for President and not trying to sell you a car, tell you about a special steak entree, or frustrate you with his poor parking skills.

What do you think about Gary Johnson?


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KWnav... KWnavywife

eh, i only agree with him on about half of the issues. 

ashjo85 ashjo85

He's a really smart guy. I live in NM, and so he's been getting a lot of press the whole time with local talk radio. I honestly think the two party system basically dooms him though. People won't vote for him, afraid to "waste their vote".

nonmember avatar Guest

I did know of him, and I like him.

Just remember though, Ross Perot was the man who put Bill Clinton in office...

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I really like him. I'll vote for him because the other parties have been pissing me off. Why does libertarian Ron Paul continue to run as a Republican when he isn't one? Gary all the way!

Procr... Procrastamom

Look at that, a candidate who's willing to tell you his policies and beliefs up front.  No, "if I told you what I plan to do you wouldn't vote for me, so I won't tell you til you vote for me."  No wonder the Republicans didn't let him get past the starting gate....he wouldn't make a good puppet for their agenda.  They like their Yes-Men bland and floppy.

It's really too bad.  This guy would probably be a good choice, but as an Independent doesn't stand much of a chance.

David M Ortiz

A few corrections about your article.

1)The governor vetoed over almost 750 pieces of legislation.
2)He supports work visas, not citizenship for illegal immigrants.
3) He is in favor of full cannabis legalization, regulation and taxation instead of decriminalization.

nonmember avatar art

He has my vote!

Elizabeth Stump

What is left out of the 750 vetoed bills cited above is that Gary Johnson took New Mexico from a $1 billion deficit to a $1 billion surplus in 8 years, cut taxes 14 times, never raised them, balanced the budget ALL EIGHT YEARS as governor (still waiting for a budget from Obama for over three years now) and left New Mexico in far better shape than when he first took office, BY SPENDING LESS. And the Democrats in New Mexico still like him today! He has twice the executive experience of Obama and Romney. Oh, and while Johnson was governor, jobs grew at a rate of 11.6%, where jobs only grew 1.5% when Romney was governor of Massachussetts. If jobs is important, look to that number alone.

Jeff Powers

Works for me. Gary Johnson will have my vote since Ron Paul is getting nowhere in GOP.

-Stra... -Strawberry-

I like the sound of him so far, but like other people have stated, people generally think only of republican vs democrat, they don'y actually stop to look at the issues, so being an independent will be his downfall.

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