Bath Salts Blamed in 'Zombie Attacks' Are More Dangerous Than Ever (VIDEO)

bath saltsI think we can all agree at this point that bath salts are bad (bath salts are bad, mmm-kay?). The question is, why do some people on bath salts do relatively harmless things like run from the cops because they think they're being chased by lightning and other people on bath salts turn into flesh-eating zombies?

Well, if Miami police are correct, it's because some bath salts are way more potent and crazy-making than others; namely a strain of the "designer drug" known as "Cloud 9."

Shortly after the first absolutely horrific face-eating attack, yet another area homeless man suspected of being on Cloud 9, as it were, was apprehended -- thankfully, 21-year-old Brandon De Leon only threatened to eat the officers arresting him for entering a restaurant and "hurling obscenities at patrons."

But what is it about Cloud 9 that makes people want to EAT other people?!

That's what I'd really like to know. And that's still, apparently, a mystery. I guess because once somebody is messed up enough on bath salts to get to the cannibal phase, they're past being able to articulate the experience.

Although maybe that's a good thing, considering casual users of the stuff have described it as "evil" and "horrifying."

Look, I'm well aware of the fact that every person who tries bath salts most likely doesn't turn into Hannibal Lecter. Once upon a time my grandparents bought into the whole Reefer Madness thing, and that was certainly a whole lotta hype. But marijuana is a plant, not a chemical compound that's constantly being altered to get around the law.

It's worth noting that the guy freaking out on bath salts in this video is in the pre-cannibal phase. Which looks pretty dang bad.

What's your take on bath salts?

Image via CNN

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Water... Water_geM

lol i watched reefer madness on netflix..omg hilarious!

Jennifer Ebersole

I bet this video and interview is hilarious after smoking reefer!

butte... butterflyfreak

Because bath salts are like any other drug in that it affects each individual differently. DUH! EVERY SINGLE DRUG out there has different results for different people. I's really not a mystery. Even marijuana, since that's the "drug" you want to compare bath salts to. For one user, MJ makes you feel relaxed and maybe a case of the munchies, while another user may start to feel off the wall emotions like paranoia. I believe the paranoia on pot has more to do with the fact that it's illegal than a genuine reaction to the drug but we'll go with it. I actually knew a guy who gets seriously paranoid on pot although it wasn't a fear of cops as it was a fear of strangers, period. You can imagine, he probably is not much of a smoker.

Personally, I think comparing a natural drug like marijuana to a chemical drug like "bath salts" is like comparing apples to a McD's hamburger. One comes from a plant, the other comes from a chemical lab.

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