Mom's Intense Love for Son Lands Her in Jail

Deena DavisHow much would you give up for your kid if they committed murder? Deena Davis will spend six years in the Georgia prison system, and it's all because she thought she should save her son from murder charges. Seems the 17-year-old killed a taxi cab driver, and his mom fiddled with the evidence that he was involved.

Gut says it's wrong. Brain says it's wrong. But what else is there in the body? I don't know ... the heart?

This is where I get all messed up. Right means you march that little butthead down to the police station right this very second. ESPECIALLY when you consider Quantavious Harris murdered a 57-year-old cab driver (he's been convicted). Wrong is wrong is wrong. And homicide is double (triple?) wrong.

But when you're a parent, who does your loyalty belong to? The cops? Or the person you carried around for nine months? The person who came out of your womb?

I won't say I support Deena Harris for hiding her son's heinous deeds. But I will say I understand why she wanted to. There is no person in this world who I love more than my child. She is flesh of my flesh. There isn't much that trumps that -- even ethics and morality.

I want to say that, when push comes to shove, I'd send my a-hole kid to the cops. Actually, wait. I want to say that my kid would NEVER be in that position to begin with. But life gets in the way of all our plans, doesn't it? So I can't say what I would do. Which makes it hard to look at Deena Davis and her six-year prison sentence and say, "Oooh, yeah, she deserves it!"

Be honest ... REALLY honest ... if your kids were up on murder charges, what do you think YOU would do?


Image via Fulton County Sheriff's Office

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tonip... toniperoni

i think you look after your kid and face the consequences of society. Mind you if the little bugger was a terror to society (like a rapist) then you need to send them down, tough love

Flori... Floridamom96

You are being disloyal to your child if you teach them that the only thing in life that matters is getting caught.

nonmember avatar Michelle

AMEN, Floridamom96. Teaching children that it's OK to "get away with murder"? NOT OK.

nonmember avatar Shelly

I venture to guess that murderers coming from very good parents, are quite rare. Especially, when the murderer is still so young. I think this is a jacked up case, of a bad mom, troubled son, and a mom trying to make up for it too late.

nonmember avatar Gretta

SERIOUSLY???? Somebody lost his life!!!! Sorry but that Mom is all kinds of wrong!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Bad kids CAN come from good parents. If it was my little boy, I'd turn his ass in. I'm sure the taxi driver had a mother that loved him too. I hope they both go to jail for a long time.

Jespren Jespren

Your loyalty belongs to your child, which is precisely *why* you turn them over to the authorities. It is not loving or proper to try to let your child get away with criminal acts, especially ones as serious and life-altering as murder.

Zangr... Zangrilli

Wow - what a misleading title. How about, Mother Breaks Law and is in jail?

easun... easunshine

Very firm believer and practicer of right and wrong here. As much as it would suck to lose them to prison, I would never cover for them. That doesn't really help anyone.

curio... curious1145

The title is not misleading,Zangrilli! It's completely accurate. Her love for him caused her to commit this crime. Titles in journalism must be eye-catching. Your suggested title is so boring. No one would read it.

What she did was wrong, but I understand how hard it would be for her to let her son go to jail for murder. I don't feel we can judge her on this.

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