New Morning-After Pill Findings Won't Sway Pro-Lifers

Morning-after pills are widely used to prevent pregnancy and they're a great invention. If something happens to regular birth control -- condom breaks, forgotten pill -- or in cases of rape, a woman can take the pill within 72 hours to help prevent pregnancy.

We previously thought this worked because the pill prevented a fertilized egg from attaching to the wall of the uterus. That said, since anti-abortion advocates, including Mitt Romney, think a fertilized egg is a PERSON, then anything that prevents that person from grabbing onto that uterus is nothing less than abortion, i.e. murder. However, science has just discovered something that means Romney and his crew won't be able to call the morning-after pill the "abortion" pill anymore.

What actually happens when you take a morning-after pill is that it delays ovulation. Yeah, an egg never comes down into the spot it needs to get to for sperm to reach it. And if that weren't enough, the pill can also "thicken cervical mucus" so the little buggers have trouble swimming and can't even reach the egg that never got in place to begin with.

In other words, there's no fertilized egg. No "person." No "abortion." No "murder." Nothing happens. Ain't no egg gonna reach no sperm that ain't swimming anywhere.

Will this stop Romney and anti-abortion advocates from calling these pills "abortive pills"? Ha! Does Fox News like Obama? Of course not. What's a little science to people who largely don't even believe in Darwinism, for goodness sake. Anything that prevents pregnancy, anything at all, beyond, I'm guessing, complete and total abstinence throughout one's Mother Teresa-esque life, is wrong, wrong, wrong. And nothing gonna change their minds on that.

Does this new science change your mind about the morning-after pill?


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Stacey. Stacey.

No because I am pro choice, and think anyone who is against abortion should put their money where their mouth is and raise the "unwanted" children.

nonmember avatar Michelle

NO, because this is what the damn morning after pill has been designed to do since the dawn of time, so how is this NEW? They are basically higher doses of the birth control pills MILLIONS of women take on a daily basis. And Mitt Romney and his pro-lifers can shut their holes and let American women KEEP THEIR GOD- GIVEN RIGHT TO CHOOSE. It is none of the governnment's business what I do with my body. EVER.

fave82 fave82

oh give me a break.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

I've heard this before. In high school, one of my friend's mother - a nurse - told her in a pinch she could just double up on her regular BC, because that's exactly what some forms of EC are. An extra strong dose of birth control to stop you from ovulating. To be fair, I do believe some of the other forms of EC DO inhibit the implantation of fertilized eggs into the uterus. I'm pro-choice, so I don't really find that problematic, but you know...

wdenise wdenise

This seems like a very hateful article. If the morning after pill delays ovulation or thickens the cervical mucus, then great! It's always good to have the full information before forming an opinion. If you are pro-choice and do not want to have a child, then use the morning after pill, take birth control, use condoms, abstain from sex, or give your child up for adoption. Do not put down pro-life followers for their beliefs. Why must everything be so heated?

Torra... TorranceMom

If that's actually what's happening . . . absolutely. Let's hope more women go this route instead of being idiots and waiting.

nonmember avatar guest

I am a Republican and I have NO problem with this drug or birth control pills. I just don't want to pay for it. Its funny the left wants women everywhere to have free access to birth control but no one cares how much I have to pay for fertility treatment's. So to me its pretty simple. You pay for yourself to prevent and I'll pay for myself to conceive.

Megankae Megankae

Boom boom Stacy.

I agree! Haha

Are pro-lifers against all birth control, I'm honestly curious.

zandh... zandhmom2

If this would cut down on all the unplanned, unwanted pregnancies then we should be handing them out like candy! I wonder was this isn't promoted more? Every girl should learn about this so when they go out and get knocked up at 15, they can just use this without having to rely on having abortions or having babies they can't take care of.


emmas... emmasmama2007

I already knew this, and I totally agree, with TorranceMom.

People are stupid and should use birthcontrol, condoms, nfp, the morning after pill, or abstain from sex if they aren't in a position to be able to bring a child into the world. Cause if people weren't so stupid and irresponsible there would be no need for abortions or adoption, or all of the problems that come with it.

*victims of rape being the exception

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