'Gendercide' Abortion Rumors Assume We Are All Stupid (VIDEO)

Gendercide is a serious problem in many countries in the world, but it isn't in the United States. The anti-abortion right would like us to believe otherwise. A new video from anti-abortion group Live Action called Gendercide: Sex Selection in America was shot undercover at a Planned Parenthood clinic and it claims gendercide is a widespread issue in the US. It lies.

The video is making a "feminist" argument against abortion claiming that baby girls are being compromised, but it's a fabrication. While there is some evidence of sex selection among Asian immigrants in this country, it doesn't seem absolutely to be from abortion. It could be from IVF. More importantly, in general, sex ratios in the US are normal.

So why are we being sold this lie? See below:

I am always happy to keep an open mind when it comes to the opposition's view point. But this makes it pretty difficult. Blatant lies are pretty off-putting.

Giving misinformation isn't the way to win supporters. It's a cheap way to get an agenda across and assumes that people are too stupid to do the research themselves. It also cheapens their argument.

Pro-choice does NOT mean pro-abortion and I believe that women should make choices for their own bodies. They should be able to have abortions for whatever reason they need them. It isn't Planned Parenthood's choice to make. It isn't their job to judge the reason a woman seeks a pregnancy termination. It's every individual woman's choice.

I am much more likely to be swayed by facts than deliberate lies. It's so manipulative and wrong.

Further, it takes a real problem that we should care about it and it twists it into a sick agenda. How could anyone possibly side with an organization so twisted and manipulative?

Feminism is about choices for women. Organizations like Live Action purport to care a whole lot about unborn women, but live women? The ones carrying the "babies"? Screw them. They don't deserve the right to make choices about their own bodies.

Forget it. Don't buy it. It's a web of lies and assumes we are all idiots.

Does this make you angry?


Image via Live Action/YouTube



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Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Summer, I haven't been able to find out much about it either. I just don't like when either side of the argument goes to the extreme and lies or overstates something in the effort to sway people to their side. Much like the "republicans making it legal to kill abortion doctors". Its just stupid, and there are many people who will believe it.

autod... autodidact

You can find out gender by 14 weeks, and as early as 12 weeks with up to nearly 90% accuracy.

what's your source for these numbers?  

elk571 elk571

Generally, people ARE too stupid to do the research themselves!  I have at least one conversation a day with people who believe something that is so completely false it is scary.  So I ask them if they've looked it up themselves and the answer is always no...  People just believe what others tell them, as illustrated by the 'famous' quotes that say something like 'fifty percent of statistics are made up'!

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