'Blood' Found in Isabel Celis' Bedroom Is Impossible to Ignore


Isabel CelisThe more I read about missing child Isabel Celis, the less I want to read about her. There is never anything definitive, but everything the police in Tucson, Arizona release seems to carry a cloud of doom with it. And the latest bit of information is some of the worst yet.

Police have found what they say could be blood in the missing 6-year-old's bedroom. There were also stains of a "dark red-brown" in a family car. Add in news that police interviewed a witness who is alleging Isabel's father was somehow involved in the girl's disappearance because he owed someone money, and you know what this means?

Isabel's case has officially gone from awful to insanely awful. Suspected blood stains? Really? What else could they be? The reports say they weren't just in the bedroom but on a shower curtain and a hat. Which sounds, come on, you know how it sounds.

I have wanted to believe that this little girl would be found alive somewhere. Even as time has passed since her disappearance way back in April, I've ignored all those statistics you hear on TV cop dramas about how the passage of time makes finding a missing child alive less and less likely. This child reminds me too much of my own daughter to just give up on her. 

In that sense, I feel guilty jumping to negative conclusions after reading the latest police reports. Right now we know nothing, I tell myself. There is nothing conclusive. So someone "said" Sergio Celis owes someone money. So police "say" there "might" be blood stains.

And yet ... time has passed. The reports all along have been unsettling -- from Sergio being banned from seeing his other kids to news that CPS and the Celis family have tangled before -- and these latest details are particularly awful. And the more I tell myself it will be OK, the more the suspicions mount.

Have you given up hope in the Isabel Celis case yet? What pushed you over the edge?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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ReiRe... ReiReally

I give up on most of these cases the minute they hit the news. It's truly tragic that terriable things happen to innocent children.

dreamsky dreamsky

Well, I keep these children in my prayers and hope that they are not suffering or cold or hungry. The thought just breaks my heart.....

Mima Fievel

When I heard about the blood...I almost gave up. I am still holding out hope. I check everyday for updates :(

Valerie Adden

I also check for updates everyday as I have been losing hope that she may be found alive since the blood evidence has come out. I can't help but feel that Isabel's mother and father and maybe, society, have all failed this child :(

Socia... SocialMisfit

"suspected" is the key word. It's not definite. There was also a towel found in a truck that they thought had blood but the test came back negative. Blood found in the room wouldn'tspark my interest unless there was a lit of it. My kid wakes with a bloody nose constantly. His pillowcase gets stained and I'm sure there is a small drop of blood on is bedroom carpet somewhere.

 What "witness" are you referring to that said Dad owed money? The statement came from an anonymous caller who claimed to be a relative who works at the same place as the dad...which turned out to be false and the name given was fake. Have you read the documents? It's hard to get the real stroy with just news reports designed to sensationalise a case. That being said, i still think Dad had something to do with her disappearance.

Like "ReiReally", once the kid is reported missing, I'm preyty much convinced they're dead. I'm not o sure in this case.

nonmember avatar Angelia

I also check constantly for updates..I just wish we'd get new information instead of everything just being repeated. So many rumors going around Im not going to add to them I just want her found!I haven't gjven up hope...hopefully today is the day they have a major break on this case...PRAYING FOR YOU ISA

Ellen Ashlie

Come on, people, 'possible' blood stains? She could have cut her foot or another body part and got  blood on the floor. It happens, I know, because I've done it myself. It could be a MILLION different reasons, and may not even be blood. Stop speculating and just wait.

bcw22 bcw22

it is very very simple to identify blood-with no doubt as to what it is


Disney17 Disney17

The father did it.

nonmember avatar rwms14

i am 12 years old and every single day i check to see if isabel is alive and each everyday my heart breaks for her i was born in tuscon and i just went there 2 days ago if any of isabels parents are reading this heres what i have yo say you guys are very very strong people and i know i just know that your daughter is alive she has to be because you cant believe everything about missing children that happen to them just stay strong and isa will come home god bless you and your family.

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