3 Motherless Toddlers Found Living in Shed With Homeless Strangers

Kids found in PortlandWhen I first started looking at the photos of the three kids found abandoned in a shed in Portland, Oregon this week, my eyes got misty. But the longer I looked at pictures police took of the two girls and one boy left in the midst of the northwest city's homeless population, the less I felt like crying. Their sweet little faces have made me angry.

I'm angry at the kind of person, who takes three helpless children -- cops say the youngest girl may not even be a year old yet!?! -- and dumps them amongst a population known best for mental illness and a disrespect for authority. Making it worse? The homeless people told cops they think the woman who abandoned them was their mother.

I wanted to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, that she was down on her luck and looking for someone to care for her kids. But that idea went out the window with the words "shed" and "homeless."

Leaving kids at a firehouse or hospital is well-meaning, even if it's wrong. There are professionals there who can handle the needs of a child.

Leaving kids at a vacant residence with a bunch of bums, on the other hand? That's criminal. Plain and simple.

If not actual child abuse, it's got to be negligence. It's cruel and inhumane.

The youngest child, a girl with short black hair, brown eyes, and two front, lower teeth showing, is estimated to be somewhere between 8 and 15 months old. The other girl is around 2 years old, weights 28 pounds and, has long black hair and brown eyes. The third child, the only boy, also weighs around 28 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair, and seems to be around 3. These kids were the definition of helpless. And they were left in a place where help wasn't likely to be found.

To prevent spreading more myths about the homeless population, I should be clear: just because someone is homeless does not make them dangerous to kids. But it also does not make them likely able to care for children. The homeless in America are struggling to survive. They often go to sleep at night with little food in their own bellies, so the likelihood that they have extra to spare for some toddlers is slim to none. Their shelter is, well, the name says it all, doesn't it?

And for single homeless people, drug use and mental illness are among the top three reasons they are in that state. They may not be cruel to those children, but they're also not exactly people who are fit to care for kids.

Not to mention the homeless population is not known for purposely seeking out the police. These people would be less likely to get these kids to authorities who help them ... making this act seem that much more criminal.

Police are left now with only the pictures and descriptions of these three children to lead them to their parents. I hope they're identified quickly, both for the kids' sakes and so the person who did such an unspeakable act to three innocent kids can be sent directly to jail.

What do you think should be done to the person who abandoned these children?


Image via Portland Police

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Noahs... Noahs-Mom

My Mom and Aunt where abandon by their Mother as well. I have NO respect or understanding for anyone who would leave their kids like that! At least my Mom was 6yo and old enough to get help! I hope they find the person who left them. I hope they spend the rest of their days in jail! 

aiden... aidenmomplus4

I have no words that would cover what this mother did to her children, I am the type of women that does not like to judge but God help me in this case it so hard not too. Even if the mother was in a bad situation there are so many other places  she could have left them to ensure they would be cared for. As a mother you have that responsiblity to your kids.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

I wish they would find the person who abandon them and shoot her.

Stupid bitch.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I hope they DON'T find the person who left them because, knowing the "child protection system," they will work with her to get them back. I'd rather see them adopted while they're still this young and can adjust well. I hope she stays gone and these kids get out of the system as quickly as possible!

Desir... Desireesmom2011

why on earth would she just abandon them like that. she could have brought them to so many other places. A hospital, church, police station, fire department. or best yet call an adoption agency or a foster care program. If they find their mother she needs to get charged for child neglect and child endangerment. I don't care what her reasons were there is no valid  excuse for just leaving them with the homeless. Even if the homeless people were decent well meaning humans beings They are homeless because they are having troubles making ends meat without having a strangers 3 kids to care for.

Desir... Desireesmom2011

^ sorry about my bad grammar and spelling.

nonmember avatar kari

the least that mother could have done would have been to drop those innocent kids off at a shelter. at the least those kids would have been cared for. fed, clothed, etc. the shelter would have made arrangements to contact dhs, and found a home for them. i can't help but judge this woman. maybe she was down on her luck, and could not care for them any longer, but there are so many other options in that situation other than abandoning them in the manner that she did. as a mother of 2, i have never never understood how any mother could abandon her own child. her own flesh and blood that she carried in her stomach for 9 months and gave birth to. never understood that. it's so sad, and it breaks my heart for those kids. i hope and pray that the woman is brought to justice, and those kids have an opportunity at the life they deserve.

Miranda Mcknight

Is nobody considering the woman may have been homeless as well and left them with the intention of finding food for them...only to have something happen to her? I mean, it's JUST as likely as her abandoning them. And, if she happens to be here illegally (which is a possibility) she may have been afraid they would have ALL been sent back to a drug-war-torn country. I pray that these kids get the help they need, and that they are able to stay together, and that their mother...whoever she is...realizes her mistake.


ebmb03 ebmb03

I agree with Miranda, there are so many valid reasons why, but if she did abandon these kids, then she should be stripped of her rights and have the children be placed in better homes. 

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