Jeremiah Wright: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

mitt romney caricatureRaising Jeremiah Wright is a desperate attempt by Mitt Romney supporters and SuperPacs to try and win additional votes by using emotion and fear to get those votes. This desperate attempt includes an elaborate $10 million ad campaign intended to “draw attention to racially provocative sermons Wright delivered at a church Obama attended in Chicago.”

Jeremiah Wright is nothing but old news. In 2008, the conservative media tried to elevate Jeremiah Wright as a legitimate issue, however, we know now that the strategy failed. Even Senator McCain refused to stoop to these tactics during the 2008 election. As Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina recently stated in The New York Times:


The blueprint for a hate-filled, divisive campaign of character assassination speaks for itself. It also reflects how far the party has drifted in four short years since John McCain rejected these very tactics.

Romney’s SuperPACs should not take all the credit for raising Wright again. During a radio interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Romney stated that he was not sure which was worse, Obama “listening to Reverend Wright.” Romney stated:

I think again that the President takes his philosophical leanings in this regard, not from those who are ardent believers in various faiths but instead from those who would like America to be more secular. And I’m not sure which is worse, him listening to Reverend Wright or him saying that we must be a less Christian nation.

Not surprisingly, Romney now appears to be somewhat faltering after his statements on the show. He can’t seem to remember what he said, but is quoted as saying that he stands by it.

I'm not familiar precisely with what I said, but I'll stand by what I said whatever it was.

Quite frankly, suggesting that someone supports racist views is something that he should remember. 

As a voter, I see this as nothing more than a baseless smear campaign. We have had the opportunity to experience three and half years of Obama thus far and I have yet to see any of Wright’s independent beliefs resurrect or influence Obama’s leadership. Hopefully the dust on Wright will settle once and for all so that we can get back to voting on a candidate for important issues that they stand on such as health care-reform, education, and the economy.

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