Woman in a Pro-Choice T-Shirt Not Allowed to Board Her Flight

government in my womb t-shirtWearing my most controversial political opinions across my breasts has never really been my style. I prefer to rely on my big mouth (and writing) to express myself. But there are plenty of people who are more comfortable advertising where they stand via their clothing. Like a woman who is being referred to only as "O," who was wearing the outspoken pro-choice T-shirt shown here when she flew American Airlines recently.

O told the website RH Reality Check that she was confronted by a flight attendant who told her that she needed to speak with the captain before making her connecting flight, because her t-shirt was "offensive." The captain said that she shouldn't have been allowed to board in the first place and would have to change before boarding her connection. As a result, she ended up missing that second flight. I smell a protest!!

It's not like O was the first lady to wear a tee sporting the politically-charged statement. The slogan first appeared on a sign at a rally in Oklahoma in February, and Oklahoma Sen. Judy McIntyre (D) posed with the sign, later telling HuffPo:

I saw a sea of signs that caught my eye, but this one in particular -- I loved its offensive language, because it's just as offensive for Republicans of Oklahoma to do what they're doing as it relates to women's bodies. I don't apologize for it.

O must have seen eye-to-eye with Sen. McIntyre, and I don't blame her for being pumped about the message! But at the same time, well, it's not like the action American Airlines took against her was unprecedented. It clearly states in the airline's conditions of carriage that "American may refuse to transport you, or may remove you from your flight at any point, for one or several reasons," one of which is if you're "clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers."

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And an AA representative responded to the story by explaining that the problem the pilot had with O's shirt was the "f-word," not the pro-choice sentiment.

Like it or not, seems like that's all legit legally. Still, it's galling that the airline thinks its their job to regulate passenger's clothing and preempt another passenger being offended.

If I saw a guy with an anti-semetic sentiment on his sweatshirt or a someone using a laptop sporting a misogynistic GOP bumper sticker, I'd be offended, sure. But I wouldn't necessarily expect the airline to kick that person off the flight. Then again, leaving passengers to their own idiotic devices and knee-jerk reactions could get ugly.

Guess AA is just trying to play mediator to keep the peace aboard their flights, huh? Too bad even hilarious, spot-on messages have to fall by the wayside for that to happen ... but maybe next time O flies, if she just blurs out the offending word, it should be go.

Do you think airlines have a right to tell us what we can and can't wear?

Image via crocktees.com

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Well, no I don't think the airline "should have" to police clothing but I think people should use a brain. But then again, you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. You either have class or you don't. Some people just don't get it.

Nicho... NicholasMama608

1) I want that shirt


2) I agree with the airline.  I wouldn't wear that shirt on a plane

Todd Vrancic

There is such a thing as appropriate places and times.  That shirt?  Fine at a protest or rally.  Still good kicking around at home.  Shopping?  I wouldn't, but there are some who would.  On an airplane when you are stuck in close proximity to people for up to several hours at a time?  Definitely not wise.  American Airlines seems to have a policy allowing for people to be removed for clothing that could prove offensive to other passengers.  And quite a few people still have a problem with the "F-word."

nonmember avatar Hmmm

Where's the confusion? The shirt is inappropriate because of the f word. It speaks to the intelligence of the wearer that she chose to wear it in the first place knowing it would provoke a reaction and then is indignant that she didn't like the reaction she got. Airlines have every right to regulate clothing on flights. Having a confrontation with a fellow passenger mid-flight could lead to deadly consequences.

Zangr... Zangrilli

Everyone who flies knows that airlines have the discretion to deny someone access based on their clothing.  This has nothing to do with pro-life or pro-choice issues.  It has to do with the f-word.  That's why it's completely inappropriate. 

nonmember avatar ali

You can say the F word once in pg movies. Most kids have heard it at least once. That being said, the airline had ever right to forbid her from bording. My question is: why was she allowed to fly the first time if the shirt was against the rules? If she had been told sooner, she could have changed, or at least turned the shirt inside out.

Jespren Jespren

I realize public concepts of decency have changed, when I was a kid an F bomb dropped in the background of a movie earned an automatic 'R' rating. Now it's in pg-13 movies all the time.

But the F word is still 'the big one' when it comes to profanity. If you wear a shirt plastered with obvious profanity, I don't know why you'd be surprised when a 1)school, 2)resturant 3)library 4)public transport 5)other public are 6)private business tells you it's inappropriate and you need to change. The woman didn't have to miss her connection, it take 10 seconds tops to flip a shirt inside out, 5 seconds to pull a sweater over it.

Caera Caera

I'm with the airline. Why is okay to wear a shirt with a recognized swear word on it (in an anatomically incorrect statement, btw) when around other people might not want to see it, read it, or explain it to their child?

That woman is a classless idiot.

dreab... dreabug23

Funny, I happened to pull up behind a car with a McCain sticker and a "I heart Vag" decal in his rear window. I found the McCain sticker to be the most offensive.

Anna Potts

the only issue they had was the dress code really because i can walk on a plane in stellotos with daisy dukes and a tank top dam near popping out dress code my ass! i wont sensor that and the whole mommy what does that word mean you think your kid is looking at shirt no but if they do you be classy and tell them its a word you shouldnt use because it hurts feelings if you cant handle that you have more issues then a women wear a funny shirt.


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