'Hustler' Joins 'War on Women' With Photo of Conservative Columnist in Lewd Pose

hustler magAny of my regular readers know that I get some hate. Just take a look at the comments section of most of what I write. Unfortunately, it goes with the flow of being a female conservative commentator. It’s not fun to be called names for presenting my viewpoints, but it is what it is, and I don’t let it bother me. 

It could even be considered a badge of honor -- a horrible, horrible badge of honor, but one that marks a True Conservative™. For some strange reason, people feel okay verbally attacking and threatening women that happen to align themselves with the Republican Party. As many attacks as I’ve personally experienced, they don’t begin to touch what some of my sisters in arms go through.

On Wednesday, prolific (and gorgeous) S.E. Cupp was featured in Hustler magazine. Her picture was photoshopped to make it appear as though she were involved in a sexual act involving her mouth and the male genitalia. The accompanying text read:

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

In what universe is this okay? Where is the National Organization for Women to condemn Hustler for this sick hack job? This is the real War on Women, not the fight over whether or ladies should be expected to come up with $9 a month to buy their own birth control.

It’s not just the commentators that get ‘lefty love’ in the form of venomous attacks ... our elected officials get it too. The day before Cupp was photoshopped into a porno mag, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley had her face plastered onto a piñata while AFL-CIO bashed the heck out of it. Can you imagine the outrage that would occur if a Republican group had done the same to Michelle Obama

This double standard needs to stop. Republican women are not traitors to their gender, they simply hold different viewpoints than their Democratic sisters. Kudos especially this week to Sandra Fluke and Kirsten Powers, two liberal ladies that have publicly condemned the treatment of S.E. Cupp by Hustler.

Republican or Democrat, no woman should have to put up with that stuff.


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texas... texasmamma777

The REAL "War on Women" being waged by the Left and Democrats exposed again.

Hatred, misogyny, foul language, pornographic images -- Leftists use these over and over again to target conservative women. 

MainStreamMedia surpisingly! (*wink*) silent on the issue. 

Like the "National Organization for Women" (misnomer if there ever was one -- LOL!), MainStreamMedia never met an attack on a conservative woman that it didn't love.

nonmember avatar Guest

tinypossum, The points I made that I numbered #1 and #2 were in fact in the opposite order that you presented the comments that I was addressing. But that was not really a reading comprehension issue, just the way that I organized my comments. Sorry if that confused you.

texas... texasmamma777

rightside: "I'm pretty shocked at some of the personally-directed, hate-filled comments I read - the one that stuck out the most was 'whore for the Republican party'.  Seriously?."

LOL, rightside!  I bore the brunt of that attack for having the temerity to express my opinion.  That was posted by one who also recently told me to "F**k off and die".  Almost every time I post, I am told to 1) shut up 2) leave 3) called names 4) endure foul language -- usually all four, or a combination of them -- lol!

[The funny thing is, I've never identified myself as a Republican; simply as a "conservative".  IMO, they are not one and the same.]

Apparently, most of the commenters here don't believe in the free speech rights of conservatives. The attacks occur constantly on thread after thread.  There is a small number of the Leftists who will engage in debate and/or discussion, but they're scarcer than hen's teeth.

Jenny Erickson is constantly vilified and called ugly names.  They cast aspersions on her, her lifestyle, the car she drives!, her husband and her children.  I've seen many comments like this:  "I hate Jenny Erickson!  She shouldn't be allowed to write for this website!"  I admire her for taking a stand, not backing down and for having the courage to put her opinion out there, under her real name, all in the face of withering attacks/remarks.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Texas - this is why I told you that you rock! You speak your mind and back it up. While I may not always totally agree with you, I respect what your posts say. Besides that, I always find it amusing that when you post valid points for debate or conversation, not only are you bashed - but you are really never answered in a real, smart, or educated way. (At least not from what I've seen here lately). I've gotten my share of the same, but not nearly as much as you have. If more women (regardless of side, title, etc) would be this clear and respectful of everyone, more things could be accomplished.

A big thumbs up to you!

nonmember avatar jessica

I actually find the Nikki Haley pinata incident more upsetting than the Hustler pic. We expect that sort of thing from Hustler but Nikki Haley was being beaten in effigy by OTHER WOMEN. Also, since Hustler is a deporable rag, it's "safe" for Sandra Fluke and others to denounce it. I still don't hear any of them denouncing Bill Mahr, Ed Schulz et al for the things they've said about conservative women.

texas... texasmamma777

good grief, HockeyMomJN, you made be blush -- lol!  Thanks for your kind remarks.  Whenever I see a post that starts "Texas", I brace myself for what's coming -- your words took me by surprise!  TU, again.


Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Lol, you must brace yourself :-) for some of the crap you've had thrown your way!

nonmember avatar Carmen

You know what I see as the biggest problem of this War on Women debate? People are so focused on yelling and pointing fingers instead of banding together and coming up with a solution. I'm so tired of hearing about how the left didn't do this or the right didn't do that. Both sides are guilty. Both. Sides. It doesn't matter if Hustler is liberal. It doesn't matter if Rush Limbaugh is conservative. Women are being demeaned regardless of skin color, height, weight, and guess what, political party. Let's fix it instead of figuring out ways to be more divisive.

texas... texasmamma777

jessica @3:19 PM  Exactly.  I watched the video and the AFL-CIO union woman is not just "bashing" a pinata -- she goes after it viciously, with a metal baseball bat, egged on by others and aiming precisely and deliberately for the Governor's face.  It's disturbing.

Bill Maher, Ed Schulz, LouisCK, Keith Olbermann, (Matt Taibbi "Conservative women I'd like to hate-f**k"), Jimmy Fallon, Gloria Steinem, California Gov. Jerry Brown, Wisconsin radio host Jon Sylvester and on and on and on.  They are never called out by the Left, much less MainStreamMedia.  

Bill Maher who gave $1,000,000 to Obama uses words like "c**t" & worse -- shouldn't Obama give that million $ back to such an overt misogynist?  Of course not, silly!  Not when the object of hate is mother of 5 Sarah Palin or another conservative woman.

I challenge Leftist and otherwise liberal women to research this more thoroughly.  Michelle Malkin (admittedly, not everyone's cup of tea, by any means) has done an outstanding job cataloguing much of the sexist hate, much of it aimed at her.  Her sources are iron-clad and irrefutable.

CafeMom commenters who claim they "really care" or dispute how more hate & insults come from the Left owe it to themselves and our common sisterhood to see what the truth really looks like.  Rush Limbaugh is the least of our problems.  Really.


right... rightside

CafeMom commenters who claim they "really care" or dispute how more hate & insults come from the Left owe it to themselves and our common sisterhood to see what the truth really looks like.  Rush Limbaugh is the least of our problems.  Really.


I just read it - it's pretty disgusting.

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