Nothing Right About Jeremiah Wright

jeremiah wright

Jeremiah Wright is so 2008. Look, I don’t support this man and his incendiary rants, but he is old news. Nothing about this dated story is relevant. This story didn’t even get much traction four years ago. Obama cut his ties with Wright’s church during the last campaign and has not looked back. I’m pretty sure he has not been secretly skyping with Reverend Wright to get his church on. Let’s focus on issues and character and values and action. Mud slinging is messy business.


If the GOP and its funders like Joe Ricketts want to face their opponent head on, digging up old news isn’t the way to do it. Seems to me like they are scavenging for scraps and scrounging for dirt. The last ditch effort has begun mighty early. Even Mitt Romney and Karl Rove think invoking Reverend Wright is a dumb idea. So there, you can mark this as the day that I agree with those two men.

Republicans are ranting about the “false” war on women and high gas prices (which, by the way, no president controls; it’s much more complicated than that), yet their plan of attack focuses on the least relevant issue out there. I can’t help but wonder whose bright idea this was. Even Joe Ricketts, who wanted to spend tens of millions of his own money to fund these Obama + Wright ads has pulled the plug. He has a vendetta, but super PAC advisors steered him in the right direction to ditch the ad. Fred Davis, some Hollywood strategist, conjured up this ad concept, basically regurgitating a failed idea from the last campaign, cementing the notion that nothing original comes out of Hollywood anymore.

I am frankly disgusted by a system that values spending tens of millions of dollars on dirty politics when so many people are hurting in this country. It’s obscene, and both parties are guilty. Joe Ricketts and his ilk are focusing their energy and resources in the wrong direction. Super PACs are destroying what little integrity our campaign system had. Let’s focus on issues and people. Enough division already. We are after all, the United States of America. We can’t let money and power divide us, and we can’t let dirt drive us.

It’s wrong to dredge up Jeremiah Wright. Propaganda will get us nowhere in a hurry. Facts matter. The truth matters. As Fergie would say, Jeremiah Wright is so 2000 and late.

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