Man Busted for Hanging Out Naked in a Public Park Awaiting Anonymous Sex (VIDEO)

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alan petrusson pillager minnesota "Sex parks" aren't that novel a concept. People have been meeting up and having anonymous sex in designated public areas for years. But that doesn't change the fact that when a guy is busted for hanging out in the buff waiting for said anonymous sex, it isn't totally creepsville.

Take a 50-year-old man named Alan Petrusson, of Pillager, Minnesota. He was arrested and could face a charge of indecent exposure, which is a misdemeanor, after allegedly being found naked with his hands and wrists bound to two trees, blindfolded, and waiting for anonymous sex in Dayton Port Roadside Park outside of the Twin Cities. Oh man -- talk about having no shame!

Apparently, Petrusson is just one of a group of guys who frequent Ramsey Park looking to get anonymously laid (albeit, standing up or tied to a tree, I guess ... ha). Some of the men that meet in the park have even been arrested six times already, but who's counting? They keep on coming back.

Thank goodness the authorities were able to take Petrusson in, because someone needs to lay down the law over there! I hate to say it, because I'm usually all about people getting their Big O however they please -- be it anonymously and/or voyeuristically -- but this is just madness!

Public parks are meant for everybody to enjoy, not just a circle of horny, shameless guys. I feel bad for those who live in that area and want to enjoy their public parks without having to worry that they -- or worse yet, their little one -- is going to spy ol' Naked Dude spread eagle with everything he's got flapping in the breeze! Gah! I mean, could anyone blame the authorities for being peeved by these antics? Sheesh.

With hope, Petrusson's arrest sends a clear message to like-minded men: Sure, go ahead, get off however you please, as long as you get out of public parks!

Here's a local news report on the story:


Do you find this behavior disrespectful of others?


Image via CBS

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libmom3 libmom3

Scary creepy

Fondue Fondue

I'm baffled as to how he was able to bind his own hands and wrists to two trees.  Actually, come to think of it, maybe I don't want to know...


This is one of the reasons it shouldn't be legal to walk around naked. On this post where the woman is topless walking around NYC, everyone thought it was fine and dandy. Now it's a man and it's different?? I think it best if we all just keep our clothes on and our genitals covered.

Todd Vrancic

I think you meant exhibitionistically.  Voyeuristically means you like to watch.

harlo... harlowfawn

Hahaha this story is hilarious to me.

work4... work4mickey

this story didn't mention whether this was during the day or after dark (ie. midnight). while both are illegal (and probably bad ideas).

Theres a huge difference between doing it at midnight when you think noones looking, and little ones should not be out and about, and in the middle of the day when you know all eyes are on you. I find it odd that this detail was ommited.


@work4mickey-The story said it was in the afternoon. Click on the link and listen to the story .

CPN322 CPN322

I was thinking the same as fondue. 


It might be a touch TMI but the newscast said he used slipknots. ISH!!! What the heck is wrong with people??

work4... work4mickey

jafe. thanx. the link didn't work for me, so I only had this specific article. In the afternoon the is no rationalization that can be used for this. He knew people, even kids, could and would see him.

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