If Barack Obama Almost Got Divorced, Then He Is a Better President for It

The Edward Klein book The Amateur looks to discredit President Barack Obama by cutting into a number of "myths" about the current President of the United States. The book claims that the Obamas' marriage has been rocky and even come close to divorce in the past, particularly after Obama lost an election for a House seat against Bobby Rush in 2000.

The book makes other ridiculous claims, too -- it claims former President Bill Clinton is the one who called Obama an "amateur"; Mrs. Obama is a jealous control freak; and Obama may have really been a Muslim -- but this one is the most striking. Because if Klein is trying to make us not like Obama, he is going about it wrong.

In fact, the idea that the Obamas once had a troubled marriage is actually endearing and more "presidential."

What presidential marriage hasn't been on the rocks at some point? Hell, what marriage hasn't been?

These are the points where we are most human. These are the points that matter. Obama's "perfection" is part of what makes him unpopular among those who voted for him. 

Sure, it's wonderful to have conviction and passion, but being human is what makes you a good leader. Besides, look at John Edwards. His manufactured "perfection" crumpled around him and now we are left with his lies and shattered career. When the flaws are in the open, it feels more honest and real.

It isn't normal to be perfect. It IS normal to have flaws and cracks and some problems. It isn't that a president needs to let us know everything about his life. But it's nice to know that he and Michelle have weathered storms and saved their marriage from ruin.

That is what makes a great leader. They don't just spring out of pure perfection. They fight and they scramble and they make their way to a place of leadership through grit.

The irony is, the claims Klein makes only prove one thing clearly: If they are true, Obama is no "amateur" at all.

Do you think the book is true?


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nonmember avatar Dawn

Really? People don't like Obama because he has done NOTHING for this country except further his own interests. Your article should be more about people falling into the trap of believing everything they read instead of making their own decisions based on intelligence. Oh, and Obama doesn't have "perfections" everything we know about him is only surface detail. Kinda shady....

tinyp... tinypossum

Sounds like a made load of horse shit. If all this guy can come up with to write about the Obama's is that they had a rough patch in their marriage, well that says a lot. 

nonmember avatar Guest

Monica Lewinsky, is that you?


All of these personal campaign attacks do nothing but detract us from the real issues we should be talking about. The Obama's personal life is none of our business. Let's talk REAL issues. What Romney did in high school has nothing to do with now either. I hate when people pull this stuff.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Who. Freaking. Cares? This is a non issue.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

Hey Dawn betcha didnt know your wonderful President Bush and Mr. Obama are actually related (cousins)... everyones saying he "came out of nowhere" actually he's been there all along just waiting for his chance  LOL

PonyC... PonyChaser

Remember that you said all of this when someone on the D side comes out talking about the Romney marriage. Because you know it's going to happen. And you KNOW that all of you Stir Bloggers are going to jump on it and say, "See? They had marital problems!! He can't be president!!"

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Pony - good call. If its on the side they support, the writers accept (if not down right praise) it. But if its not on their side, the story would be how much of a douche he is and can't be trusted as president..... rediculous

Sue Green

The mud slinging has started and will escalate!!
This is all clutter crap. Worry about the fanatics in the GOP and Tea Party. Bonehead Bohner his way or no way Speaker of the House Leader leads the pack. It's enough to make you shake in your boots if you are over 50.

nonmember avatar Lew

All marriages encounter problems at one time or another. Some rise above them better than others. Even those at the top are not exempt.

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