Disabled Veteran's Service Dog Shot by Burglar: Now Who's the Animal?

Twisted 9

cuffsThere are some stories that make you so angry, you want to put your big girl pants on and march straight out of your house to knock some sense into the moron making trouble. And so it is with the idiot who broke into the house of retired U.S. Army Sergeant Kinga Kiss-Johnson, a disabled veteran, and shot her service dog. Are you getting this?

It's like the trifecta of awful. First to burglarize the home of someone who served our country with honor. Second to go after someone who is disabled because of injuries sustained while serving overseas in a time of war. And last but certainly not least, to shoot a poor animal.

Say it with me now.

This sucker needs to PAY.

There is some good news here. Kiss-Johnson, who had left her Augusta, Georgia home to buy dog Balto some food, is OK. And her black Labrador retriever has been released from the vet hospital after treatment from the gunshot blast that left him lying on the couch, helpless.

But there's no real way to tell if he'll survive. And if he does, Balto won't be doing his duty for a long time, which is helping Kiss-Johnson. She suffered brain and spinal injuries in Afghanistan and is one of countless veterans with mobility issues who depends on a dog for support. Shooting her dog wasn't just a tragedy for her and for Balto, it was a strike at a major resource provided for our country's military.

The dogs are largely trained by non-profits, in a process that takes well over a year and would cost these brave men and women retired from our military in the tens of thousands of dollars if they had to put the money out themselves. Groups like Patriot PAWS estimate it can take up to $30,000 for one dog, between care for the pooch and the training process. But what they give to a disabled veteran is priceless.

And some heartless buffoon just took a gun and shot one of these fine animals. Because he (or she) could. Says a lot about that person, doesn't it?

What do you think should be done to the burglar after they're caught?


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nonmember avatar Reecie

this man deserves to be shot and to be put in jail or made to serve the community with over 2000 hours of it

jagam... jagamama0710

I hope her poor dog is alright. How awful. :(

People just boggle my mind. That they think they have the right to just go through someone's house period, let alone shoot their animal. Our house was broken into last October and they went through our dressers, our kids rooms, and stole a lot of our electronics. Fortunately we weren't home but my hubby is deployed so I was freaked out for awhile afterwards. Some people are just fucked up. What happened to you, what is so messed up in your brain that makes you think that's okay?


nonmember avatar casey

1st of all I hope the dog is ok...2nd This person should pay for what they have done...3rd they should be treated w/the same uncaring & heartless actions that they have put this family thru...so I say shoot the SOB & walk away & leave him helpless!!

Saphr... SaphronScribble

My number one fear when it comes to burglary is not for my stuff, which can be replaced - it's for my dog (I don't have children, otherwise obviously they'd be my first prority fear). I worry so much that if a burglar entered my home they'd see my dog and shoot her because they were scared/nervous/mean/whatever OR they'd steal stuff and leave the front door open or something so she ran away (she wouldn't know how to find her way home, once or twice when she ran past me and outside I had to chase her for blocks in my car to get her back). The thought terrifies me. My old roomate used to leave her front window WIDE OPEN 12 hours a day so that ANYONE could have come in and burglarized our house, which would PISS ME OFF soooooooo much. I explained to her over and over again that it wasn't safe for us, the dog, and the house, but she said because we "live in a safe neighborhood" it was fine. Um no it is NOT fine, a safe neighborhood doesn't guarentee anything! Finally I had to ask her to leave because of this issue, she refused to close the freaking ground floor, street facing window in her bedroom for no other reason but to spite me! This poor veteran, I pray her dog recovers!

nonmember avatar kevobx

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Laurel Thomas

The person who created this terrible tragedy deserves a lot more than what our justice system could provide. He/she should be made to do community service at a vet hospital that provides emergency care to ALL animals, then made to do community service at a hospital/facility that provides help to our disabled service members. Maybe then that person will have developed some compassion and understanding, if not shoot them in the head so the rest of society doesn't have to worry about them. Sorry if it sounds harsh just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Tammy

I hear people say pooor doog.Well as a disabled person myself... that is not a dog. It is this ladies best friend,her helper,her salvation. There isn't anything that DOG wouldn't do for her. She/he listens to her fears,her secrets,her insecurities,and never complains and never tells anyone.Way more than a simple dog. Service animals are our angels here on earth.

Mike Wilson

I am a retired member of the military.  I think that this moron should be shot and left to die as he did ti this dog.  However, the laws of our country will not allow us to do anything to him unless he goes to trial where an even bigger moron will try to defend his right to shoot the dog while he was committing a crime.  Anyway, this idiot will get what's coming to him sooner or later.

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