Bowl-a-Thon Raises Money for 14-Year-Old's Abortion

bowlingThe National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) recently held a Bowl-a-Thon and raised over $400,000 for abortions. On its website, it highlighted the story of 14-year-old Darcy, who was given a “second chance” when she terminated her child’s life pregnancy with money provided by the group’s “George Tiller Memorial Fund.”

Reminder: George Tiller was the late-term abortion provider that was murdered by nut-job anarchist Scott Roeder in 2009.

Darcy didn’t want to tell her mom, but lives in a state with parental consent laws, so she did. The abortion was going to cost more than the rent, so they turned to NNAF to cover the cost. Darcy says, “Getting my abortion means I’m going to get a second chance. And I want to make it count.”

My heart breaks for this girl. Abortion doesn’t erase bad decisions; it just rips a hole in your heart and tears at your soul. It’s the dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about: You have to grieve the loss of your child and your own hand in it while pretending to the world (and yourself) that you’re empowered.

Abortion ends a life. How does that make anything better?

Statistics say that Darcy won’t take advantage of this “second chance” but will likely be back at the clinic for another abortion. Half of all abortions are performed on women that have had at least one previously. She’s also four times more likely to use drugs than if she’d carried her baby to term.

A teen pregnancy is not easy to deal with, but it can provide an incredible opportunity to show love and support to a young girl, and give her the chance to discover that she is capable of great things. Real empowerment doesn’t come by trying to pretend that a life never existed; it comes from giving the priceless gift of a child to someone that has waited years for one.

A girl that gives her baby up for adoption has a reason to live, to apply herself to her studies and make something of her life. Handing over her child to someone else to raise will likely be the most difficult thing she ever does in her life, but she will always have the deep satisfaction of knowing she gave the greatest gift that can be given – life.

Young ladies like Darcy should be rallied around, encouraged, protected, and celebrated for taking a crappy situation and making it into a beautiful celebration of life. Abortion doesn’t fix anything. It’s not a reset button. Life doesn’t have a reset button.


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hkwatson hkwatson

haha, I really didn't mean to come across argumentative at all. It's hard to get your point across through typing I guess. My DH and I are on oppositte ends of the spectrum on this issue as well.

velve... velvetheart83

To Hkwatson --It is nice to see someone acting civilized, I hope Curious1145 can take a page from your book since they do not know how to act civilized when someone shares their experience.

curio... curious1145

I thought there was another comment on here by velvetheart83. I started to read it, but had to stop. Now when I went to finish it, it's gone??!!

hkwatson hkwatson

Hey I have been in both situations. I had to make a really terrible choice at 18 and it was right for me at the time. I was stuck in a god awful situation that would of been 10 times worse for the baby, I hated it and I still think about it every single day especially since my oldest is only about a year older than he or she would be (He is my adopted child, he was placed with me at 18 months.), and little did I know at the time that I would be fighting tooth and nail through the adoption process, and I also went on to give birth to 2 more sons. As much as I am still wracked with guilt over my choice (especially after having more kids), it was the best decision for me and that baby (I know I will get a lot of flack for saying that, but it's true). I understand that so many people will think what I did was terrible and I totally accept that. But on the same note, my life and my 3 great sons I have now would be no where near the quality it is right now if I had chose differently.

nonmember avatar Linda

@hkwatson, it is always a heart wrenching decision to end a pregnancy, but there is no reason for you to be wracked with guilt about it. You did the right thing considering the circumstances. Please forgive yourself and let it go.

Lia Nelson

Holy Criminy. All the able bodied abortion pro-choicers... If my daughter got pregnant at 14, You sure as hell best believe after all of my 'leading/guiding/sex talks" either of my daughters ended up pregnant they will live with their STUPID choice of having sex at such a young age. And I can say that. Because I was 17, while it was still too young & too immature to make that choice, I was not pushed in the right direction, and all the conversations went unheard by my Mother because she was living in a nightmare that just made everything she said look like shit. I will keep my children OVERLY informed, and I will be over their shoulders like a freaking lioness is with her cubs, if they end up pregnant after all the harsh realities, I will let them learn on their own how hard it is!! I learned how stupid it was to get married young (18) having 3 kids by the time I was 21, and in a rough marriage. I refuse to let my children learn that they can just abort their problems out of their lives and have a '2nd start', I also know the emotional ramifications of having an abortion as a handful of women I know who had them. smh. What a joke the world has become by relying on throwing an innocent child's life away for the 'better good' of someones life. No matter the circumstances. 

nonmember avatar amp it up

Great, Lia. So because you had a traumatic childhood and adolescence, EVERYONE should have to suffer? No one is better than you! If you had to struggle and suffer, and your children had to struggle and suffer, well then by God, EVERYONE should have to feel the pain and suffering that you did. SMH. What a pathetic way to look at the world. Too bad you didn't give your kids up for adoption to someone who really knows what the meaning of being a good mother is.

nonmember avatar Linda

To me, being a good mother means wanting my child to have a better life than I had. Yes they have to take responsibility for their actions, and understand that actions have consequences, but it's not as if having an abortion is easy, nor is it something that "erases" your mistake from your mind. It's not for everyone, but fortunately it is legal and it is necessary to keep it that way. Lia Nelson, it sounds like you are punishing your children for your sins. That makes me so sad for them.

curio... curious1145

I feel Lia's words were completely misunderstood and/or twisted around. She says she is going to do everything possible so her kids don't make the same mistakes as her. But if they do, just because she won't encourage them to just "get rid of" the mistake, why does that make her a terrible parent???

Linda, you say,"To me being a good mother means wanting my child to have a better life than I had." But if a child is aborted, they not only don't have a better life, they have no life. Lia said it all in her quote, "What a joke the world has become by relying on throwing the innocent child's life away for the "better good" of someone's life."

Amp it up, how horrible of you to say Lia "should have given her children up for adoption to someone who knows what the meaning of a good mother is." Lia knows being a good mother includes teaching your children it's not okay to kill their own children, your grandchildren.

nonmember avatar amp it up

Curious, that's where we disagree, because it's not my grandchild. It's a miniscule bunch of cells that have the potential to be a person some day. But as has been repeated over and over in these comments, every child should come into this world as a wanted, loved child.

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