Bowl-a-Thon Raises Money for 14-Year-Old's Abortion

bowlingThe National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) recently held a Bowl-a-Thon and raised over $400,000 for abortions. On its website, it highlighted the story of 14-year-old Darcy, who was given a “second chance” when she terminated her child’s life pregnancy with money provided by the group’s “George Tiller Memorial Fund.”

Reminder: George Tiller was the late-term abortion provider that was murdered by nut-job anarchist Scott Roeder in 2009.

Darcy didn’t want to tell her mom, but lives in a state with parental consent laws, so she did. The abortion was going to cost more than the rent, so they turned to NNAF to cover the cost. Darcy says, “Getting my abortion means I’m going to get a second chance. And I want to make it count.”

My heart breaks for this girl. Abortion doesn’t erase bad decisions; it just rips a hole in your heart and tears at your soul. It’s the dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about: You have to grieve the loss of your child and your own hand in it while pretending to the world (and yourself) that you’re empowered.

Abortion ends a life. How does that make anything better?

Statistics say that Darcy won’t take advantage of this “second chance” but will likely be back at the clinic for another abortion. Half of all abortions are performed on women that have had at least one previously. She’s also four times more likely to use drugs than if she’d carried her baby to term.

A teen pregnancy is not easy to deal with, but it can provide an incredible opportunity to show love and support to a young girl, and give her the chance to discover that she is capable of great things. Real empowerment doesn’t come by trying to pretend that a life never existed; it comes from giving the priceless gift of a child to someone that has waited years for one.

A girl that gives her baby up for adoption has a reason to live, to apply herself to her studies and make something of her life. Handing over her child to someone else to raise will likely be the most difficult thing she ever does in her life, but she will always have the deep satisfaction of knowing she gave the greatest gift that can be given – life.

Young ladies like Darcy should be rallied around, encouraged, protected, and celebrated for taking a crappy situation and making it into a beautiful celebration of life. Abortion doesn’t fix anything. It’s not a reset button. Life doesn’t have a reset button.


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Ember... Emberbaby

Every time I read a poorly written article filled with BS it has Jenny Erikson's name on it.

Nancy View

honest question.... are you a teen mother? Have you endured an abortion? if the answer is no, then maybe you need to stick to things you do know and stop waxing poetic on things you know nothing about. I don't normally speak against the authors of this but my goodness, you are spiteful. Once the world starts treating abortions as a clinical procedure and not "killing a life", the stigma of having one will be removed. but that won't happen so long as nitwits like you believe the potential life has more rights than the life that carries it.

and maybe, JUST MAYBE had this 14 year old girl been taught the repercussions of being sexually active, and prepared for situations (if it was consentual) that would put her in this positions, this wouldn't have happened to begin with. so lay off the judgment and let this girl have her life.

elle7777 elle7777


I thought this was an actual article and not some pro-life propaganda drivel.

Is this Cafemom or Lifesitenews?

nonmember avatar NY Anon

Each situation is different, each woman is different. Since abortion is legal, she had legal consent, and it is a medical procedure, this is similar to raising money for other procedures that people couldn't otherwise afford.

Freela Freela

Having read many of your previous 'anti-welfare' articles, I'm wondering why you feel you should have an opinion about this girl's uterus... you certainly don't want any part of helping to care for her baby once born.  I'm always going to be politically pro-choice for one simple reason... I don't want the state making medical decisions for me.  It always baffles me that conservatives are so against gov't intervention, unless it's in the recesses of a woman's uterus.  Then they want to legislate everything.  I can't say a word about this specific girl's decision... I don't know if she'll regret it later.  Neither does she, probably.  However, I do think it was hers to make and if people wanted to raise money to help her, that was their decision. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

I would hate to be in the position of this child or her mother. I would like to think that if it was my child, I would counsel toward adoption.

HOWEVER... I also think that this was a decision that should be made between the child and her parents. Good for the state for requiring parental consent for the abortion. I also do not support taxpayer-funded abortions, so as strange as it may seem to hear it from uber-conservative PonyChaser... good for this organization for raising the funds privately and providing the support that this family needed.

eyesa... eyesablaze

Uhm... you just turned an article into a few paragraphs of your own opinion. Not really the place. A writing piece on an event should be informative, and about the event only. We don't need your personal thoughts on abortion!

Saphr... SaphronScribble

Jenny the 14 year old body is not designed to carry babies to term. Just because a girl gets her period doesn't mean she's physically 9Not to mention emotionally/psychologyically) ready for pregnancy and giving birth. There was recently a news story about a FIVE YEAR OLD girl who got her first period, and OBVIOUSLY she could not safely carry a pregnany. Neither could many young teenage girls! You always cite adoption as an alternative to abortion, but never mention the RISKS (again, emotional in addition to physical) of carriyng a baby and giving it up for adoption. You claim abortion is not a cure-all reset button, but NEITHER IS ADOPTION.

Em Chappell-Root

I am so impressed with all the comments here, you all give me faith for humanity. It's a sad decision, but it's her decision and I hope it's one she's at peace with. All we can ever do is the best we can, as we see it, at that time, and go on from there. I know few 14 year olds who make great mothers, and I'm glad for a young woman who felt that pregnancy and motherhood or adoption wasn't for her, this fund was there to help.

Saphr... SaphronScribble

Jenny you claim that abortions are "dirty little secrets" that "rips a hole in your heart and tears at your soul...while pretending to the world (and yourself) that you’re empowered." 1) As abortions are medical procedures, there is nothing "dirty" about them - would you call having cancer treatments a "dirty ltitle secret"? 2) maybe abortions tear at YOUR heart and soul, but that doesn't mean it does so for ALL women. Once again, you are stating your opinion as if it is fact, when it is not. 3) who int he hell are YOU to claim this it's impossible to feel empowered after an abortion, that it's all pretend? From this girl's statements she clearly DID feel empowered, and I think SHE knows what she feels better than YOU. Jenny, I find your credibility as a journalist to be non-existant, your writing to be nothing but propogandist drivel, and your worthless opinions to do more harm than good. You're entitled to your opinions of course, but at least PRESENT them as OPINIONS and not FACTS.

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