'Tanning Mom' Is America's Latest Bullying Victim

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tanning mom patricia krentcilBy now you've heard of Patricia Krentcil, 44, of New Jersey who has been accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her. "Tanning Mom" has been ridiculed everywhere for the past week. Newspapers have mocked her as the "Toast of the Town," Snooki took her on via Twitter, and Kristen Wiig parodied her during SNL's Weekend Update skit.

But this is really no laughing matter.

There's no question taking a kid into a tanning booth is unacceptable, but Krentcil was arrested for it and the law will take care of it -- and hopefully social services now has the heads-up it needs to keep an eye on her kids.

The truly horrifying thing about this case has been America's reaction. Krentcil is the Mean Girls' flavor of the month. Or is it week? 

We've long forgotten about Angelina Jolie's right leg and Samantha Brick's "good looks" and now we've moved on to Patricia Krentcil's tan. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Anytime a woman in the public eye does something that makes her feel good or beautiful or happy, we take it upon our collective selves to rip her to shreds.

Do I like Patricia Krentcil's tan? No. But what difference does that make? She does. Just because it looks weird to some of us does that mean we can all get together and ridicule her publicly? Isn't that the very definition of bullying? Or doesn't it count because she's a "freak"? Should we be telling our kids that it's okay to bully the "freaks" in school? That it's okay to make fun of the kids who don't "fit in"? That's what we're doing -- so why wouldn't they? We talk about the bullying epidemic in our country's schools and spend all kinds of time, money, and energy implementing anti-bullying programs. I have an idea -- why don't we all grow up and set a good example for our kids? The sad truth is that bullies and mean girls are alive -- and thriving -- long after high school is over.

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In Krentcil's case, it's even worse. This isn't about somebody striking an awkward pose on the red carpet or complaining she has no friends because she's too beautiful. It's highly likely that Krentcil has a problem -- she's addicted to tanning, a tanorexic, if you will. What if she were anorexic or an alcoholic? Would we all be making fun of her? Would newspapers be running articles with biting headlines? Would SNL be doing parodies of her? Would faux celebrities be tweeting snide remarks? Here's a woman who is doing something that's incredibly unhealthy. Something that could ultimately take her from her young children too soon. An obsession that she could transfer to her children. Her tan is a red flag that should make us concerned, not crack us up.

How do you think Patricia Krentcil feels when she reads and sees everything that's being said about her? The media and public opinion trap her into a corner like a wounded animal and then when she "lashes out," what does everyone do? They make fun of her even more -- "Oh, she's so crazy!" Score for the Mean Girls!

If you don't give a hoot about her feelings, what about her kids? How do you think they're dealing with the entire country being "mean to mommy"?

And where are all you feminists? Do you only rally 'round women who "deserve" your support? Is a woman from New Jersey who tans excessively not worthy enough? I'd like to think that any time a woman is criticized in such a public, humiliating, and relentless way, her fellow women would stand up for her. How can we complain about all these awful standards of beauty that we are subjected to -- when we crucify others whenever we get the chance? Imagine what we could accomplish if we put all this energy and camaraderie toward something positive instead of using it to make mincemeat of a woman because we don't like her tan.

Say whatever you want about Krentcil bringing her daughter into the tanning booth, but let's leave her appearance out of the conversation. And the next time you have something to say about bullies in your kid's school or Mean Moms on the playground, take a look in the mirror.

Do you think Patricia Krentcil deserves to be bullied over her tan?




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Eques... EquestrianMom

One of the things that struck me is how everyone has been attacking her because her daughter had a sunburn and was in a tanning salon with her. Maybe her daughter tanned, maybe it was truly a burn from too much time outside. 

 But what strikes me is that we don't give this much attention to the many other little girls who get burns, go to tanning salons, or wear spray tans. Why? Because their mommies aren't burnt to a crisp. Who cares? I don't. 

nonmember avatar Gretta

Yes, the mean ugly name calling bothers me. I stand by my statement that there are red flags that this lady needs help, but she does not deserve to be ridiculed. No one does.

Lynn Mullins

Just leave this lady alone already! I don't believe she put her little girl in a tanning bed, Their is no proof at all and yes at five years kid's do misconstrue things! So why don't we just arrest every parent of a child with a sun burn Hmmm? I would lash out too,If i was being called Fat,ugly and Nasty like I have seen about her on every other site with this story! LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

People throw the word "bullying" around a little too much. She said everyone that doesn't like how she looks are "fat, ugly and jealous". Is she a bully now too?

And I bet many people who have suffered from anorexia and alcoholism would have a few choice words for you for comparing those serious issues to "tanorexia". But they couldn't say them because that would be bullying.

bills... billsfan1104

Hmmmm, then I think you and most of the Stir writers need to check themselves.

nonmember avatar blh

Yes we make fun if people who make asses out of themselves. She looks like shit and I'm allowed to say it.

Torra... TorranceMom

I think the poor thing needs help.

the4m... the4mutts

Bullying? No. Her tan looks disgusting, not *only* because it's so dark, but because it's so unhealthy.

Obese people with no medical condition need to be told by doctors or friends/family that they are way too fat.

I don't believe for a second that anorexic, obese, burnt to a crisp, people LIKE how they look. They shouldn't be called ugly, but they need to be told how horrible it is for them, and what a bad example they set for their children.

It's not bullying to say that she needs help, and that its gross what she's doing to herself

nonmember avatar Oh_Please

Are you kidding me? Have people forgotten what bullying is? This woman is endangering her child's welfare all because of her obsession with being unhealthy. If this woman was a smoker and had given her daughter cigarettes I would hope the public was reacting the same way. No one deserves ridicule but to feel bad for this woman is ridiculous.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Its not bullying. I am getting sick of hearing about it so much all the sudden. People toss it around so much if you sing along to music it can be bulling and sexual harassment!!!!!

BTW its calling her out. she has a problem. She needs to know its wrong to tan that much she does not look healthy. Its sad. Soon she will be yesterdays news and the next thing will be the hot topic.

Your the one who called her a freak btw.

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