Woman Faked Breast Cancer to Get Her Friends to Pay for a Boob Job (VIDEO)

jami toler faked breast cancer breast augmentationWhoever could have imagined that faking cancer could have become a toxic disease all its own, spreading like wildfire across the country? We've heard of the bride who faked cancer for her wedding and a teen who faked cancer ending up with her very own prom, but now, in the fourth case of its kind, a woman faked having breast cancer in order to get her breasts augmented, say police in Mesa, Arizona. Wow.

Reportedly, 27-year-old Jami Toler from Phoenix told her co-workers at a local hospice last August that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Court records state that she claimed to need a double mastectomy and then breast reconstruction. Toler then allegedly asked her co-workers and parents to help raise funds to cover both surgeries, which would equal approximately $8K. And, of course, believing her, they did everything they could to help, holding fundraisers and depositing the dough into a bank account.


But it seems like a genuine doctor's note is the one thing Toler forgot. She couldn't provide her employer with one, and then, investigators found that her medical records never indicated breast cancer. A breast augmentation, oh yes!

Toler was arrested on Wednesday, and the people she used to work with at the hospice say they feel incredibly betrayed. Not that they regret having tried to help her, because they're just good people who legitimately believed their co-worker had breast cancer. It's still so disheartening that they were manipulated and completely taken advantage of.

What is going on here? Why would anyone choose to do something like this? I guess I could wrap my head around it more if it was just a one-time, one woman fluke incident. But it seems to be a growing, disturbing trend. Thankfully, it does sound like law enforcement has been cracking down on these "fake cancer" crimes. Judges on these cases must start making serious examples of people like Toler, so that more innocent, unconditionally kind people aren't taken for a heartbreaking ride.   

Here's the news story on the upsetting turn of events ...


What do you make of this fourth fake cancer incident?!

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