Man Forgotten by Police in Jail Cell for 5 Days Is Lucky to Be Alive (VIDEO)

Daniel ChongTalk about a black eye on the red, white, and blue. A college student from the University of California, San Diego, claims he was hauled into custody by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) last month, only to be abandoned in a cell for five straight days without food or water. Daniel Chong claims things got so bad he drank his own urine to survive.

And to make matters worse, Chong was never even charged with a crime! Can things look any worse for the feds' war on drugs?

Well, yes, they can! At least if anything this 24-year-old engineering student claims holds any weight, the agents involved should be sitting their sorry butts in a jail cell pretty darn soon.

Chong is claiming he was brought into the DEA's offices because he was hanging at a friend's house on 4/20 day while his pals celebrated the holiday by smoking some weed. Of course he's not telling us whether partook, but he says he was told he could go home. Only somehow, he was led into a jail cell instead, where he spent the next five days trying to stay alive.

The story gets wilder and wilder when he starts talking about a white powder he found in there (later identified as meth ... IN a cell??), and confesses he broke the glass out of his eyeglasses and tried to use it to kill himself.

It sounds so over-the-top awful that I wanted to believe it was all a hoax from some guy trying to make big money off the government. Cops are human. They can screw up. But this ranks up there in the nightmare realm. It's like a case of police brutality, only instead of beating the person, it was the conditions they put him through that took the toll on Chong's body.

There's no excuse for that. When you wear the uniform, and they give you the gun, you have a responsibility to take care of the lives you are charged with overseeing. Same goes for doctors, teachers ... anyone who is overseeing human life. If they can't handle one person, how can they handle the so-called war on drugs?

Sadly, Chong's story is looking pretty legit right now. A bigwig in the DEA actually told the media he's troubled by the story and extends his "deepest apologies" to the California man. Sorry, bud, it's going to take a lot more than that to make this right. Chong is suing, but it sounds like criminal charges need to be filed pronto.

What would you do if you'd been in Chong's shoes?



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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

He could hear people talking in the next room yet nobody did anything when he was yelling? There is more to this than just forgetting he was there.

MomoLS MomoLS

Yeah, I've been following this case because it is just so horrific.  Poor guy.  Whether he is guilty, guilty by association, or innocent of all drug charges, he certainly didn't deserve what he got.  Besides, even the DEA admits that he was not charged with anything, so there's no excuse for what happened to him.  Gosh, being stuck in a dark little cell for days?  My nightmare!

nonmember avatar Emme

Wow... What a horrific story! I feel so bad for him. The DEA seems awfully blase about this. It's stories like this that terrify me the most because it's proof that you can't trust the very people that are meant to protect society. And, while I hope this wasn't done on purpose, to make an error of this magnitude is still inexcusable and goes beyond the saying "to err is human".

Jenny... JennyG0929

Arrests for smoking pot are absolutely ridiculous in the first place.

ldbc ldbc

Don't jails have cameras? How could they not see him on a camera?

2love 2love

He did all this in 5 days? Just doesn't sound true...

lalab... lalaboosh

No one deserves to be punished just for smoking pot. It makes no sense to keep treating citizens like criminals.

nonmember avatar john rogan

this story is a hoax, pure and simple. daniel chong is a "real genius" type who sees a way to make millions on a trumped up story. reminds me of actor Norton beating himself up in the movie "fight club". dea is going to leave a bag of meth in a jailcell...he drank his own urine "to survive"....bull*xx*....pure unadulterated bs....people are so dumbed down that they want to believe such a fairytale.

nonmember avatar amy nunley

wow... bet that pot was worth it. pot is illegal, you can go to jail. maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. marijuanna is a drug. don't smoke it. you get arrested. then you get a drug related charge on your record. it can be used against you.. AND you can be left for dead in a jail cell for 5 days. it's all because he had to get high. I HATE drugs, drugs are the reason this poor man was in the hands of such reprehensible and unforgivable people. i hope every one of those cops and everyone that works there not only get charges pressed, but that he wins a whopper of a lawsuit. which he will.

nonmember avatar Jack

The DEA are the stellar folks who brought us "Ruby Ridge", killing an entire family and their dog.

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