Hello Kitty Airline Is the Little Girl Dream This Mom Wants to Hijack (VIDEO)

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hello kitty airYou guys, they made my plane! Have you seen this? It's a Hello Kitty airplane. No, scratch that. It's a Hello Kitty Airline Experience. SQUEE! I thought I'd outgrown all the cute little mini pencils and paper pads and sharpeners and ponytail holders and tiny boxes and t-shirts and everything. But I got one look at this new travel concept and I knew: I still heart Hello Kitty.

I know I shouldn't like this. I definitely Should! Not! Like! This! I'm a grown up, for crying out loud. This stuff is for 6-year-old girls. And yet -- I cannot resist. Will you please look at these pink check-in kiosks? And then admire the Hello Kitty pillows? And the food -- my god, the cute, cute food!

Right? Right?!? Are you catching the vision? I would say mrow, but Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth. This is a collaboration between Eva Airways and Sanrio (the company who gave birth to Hello Kitty) and it's based out of Asia. Looking over my bank account as it currently stands, I can safely say I am absolutely NOT in danger of ever stepping foot on a Hello Kitty plane. So I admire from a distance. A very safe distance.

We interrupt this post to admire these Hello Kitty Airline pictures. Oh look, here are moar Hello Kitty Air pics.

Okay, as I was saying, it's not happening for me. What a relief -- they fly around the other side of the world, not domestically in the U.S. Because if they did fly, say, from New York to Florida, I may actually have to book a trip to whereversville just so I can experience all the pinky plasticky Hello fun. 

Oh Hello Kitty, you and your Magic Stars.

Would you ever try out Hello Kitty Air if you had the chance -- or do you think it's just freaky and gross?


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momto... momtolittleg

THAT. IS. AWESOME!!!  My 4 year old would shit herself if she got to ride on a HK plane!  I would totally use that airline if I had a need to fly over there.  No chance for us, though.

writi... writingafwife

You do know where the phrase "hello kitty" comes from right?

nonmember avatar Zuri

OMG! I think I'm suffering from very, very early senility. I'm at least 5 years older than the average Hello Kitty lover, but I want to get on that plane NOW! :)

Water... Water_geM

they have hello kitty hospital room.

nonmember avatar Emme

My heart's racing just at the sight of the pictures!!!

JCKit... JCKitten87

hmmm... YES PLEASE??!?!?! >^_^< my daughter would probly shit her self if she was surrounded with that much hello kitty. too damn cute

2love 2love

Me and my 5 year old daughter would go nuts if we got to experience the hk airline ! We share a love for hello Kitty lol

Polly... PollyCShafer

Here in Japan you can find all kinds of Hello Kitty grown up stuff like toasters and car seat covers and clothes and dishes and just about anything else. I've heard that some of the "love hotels" have "Hello Kitty" themed rooms.

Felip... FelipesMom

In case anyone else wants to know... It's an Airbus A-330. :o)

(And I love it!)


lovem... lovemykids16

OMG!  My daughter and I would LOVE to get on that plane!

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