Occupiers Cause Mayhem on May Day

occupy may dayRather than gifting neighbors with small baskets of treats this May Day, the Occupy Wall Street crowd (yes, they’re still around) decided to wreck havoc in major cities across the nation. Nothing says, “I’m a serious adult” quite like vandalism. 

Occupy Oakland got started early with vandalism in San Francisco. Participants smashed store windows and cars during a mile-long trek through the city. They also slashed tires and threw bags of paint at buildings.


In New York, they mailed 10 envelopes full of white powder resembling anthrax to banks, the mayor’s office, and media outlets including Fox News. A note accompanying each package read: "This is a reminder that you are not in control ... Happy May Day."

An FBI informant in Cleveland was able to notify law enforcement about a plot to blow up a bridge over Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Occupy Cleveland officially denies involvement in the terror plot, despite the fact that Brain Baxter, Douglas Wright, and others were active participants in the movement.

Police in Seattle seized a number of items from Occupiers, including bombs, rocks, pry bars, hammers, poles, and bags of feces. Poop bombs. Seattle police recovered poop bombs from these supposed peaceful protesters.

Stories like these have come in from major cities all over the nation. An interesting observation is that most (if not all) of the mainstream media coverage mentions ‘peaceful protest’ in one sentence and ‘multiple arrests’ in the next. If these were really peaceful protests, we’d have a major, national scandal on our hands, because our right to peacefully assemble is right there in the first amendment of the Constitution. People living under dictatorships aren’t allowed to protest the government, but Americans are.

Then again, if these protests were peaceful, we wouldn’t be dealing with smashed windows, graffitied storefronts, dented cars, fake poison, or poop bombs. 

The truth is that Occupy Wall Street has a long history of violence, rape, squatting, and disruptive behavior in general. The longer people condone this abhorrent activity, the longer it will continue. Grow up, Occupiers. The adults defecate in the toilet, not on police cars.


Image via davitydave/Flickr

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