Obama Administration Spends $8.35 Billion to Swindle Seniors


old manSince Obamacare passed into law over two years ago, we’ve been learning all kinds of nasty things about it, like the fact that it defunds Medicare of $500 billion. Sorry Grandma and Grandpa! No coverage for you. Seniors that like their current Medicare plans won’t be able to keep them after all. 

Maybe President Obama should’ve read his ”big f****** deal” bill before he signed it, because the law ends Medicare Advantage coverage for many seniors before the election this fall. Oops.

In order to keep seniors in the dark about the impending doom to their health plans, the Obama administration launched an $8.35 billion “demonstration project.” According to a 1967 law, the secretary of Health and Human Services is legally allowed to allocate funds, without congressional approval, to pay for “experiments” to improve the execution of existing laws.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says what this administration is doing is a sham. They are not experimenting with ways to improve an existing law – they are trying to push back the implementation of a new one for their own political gain. Seniors mad about their coverage ending under Obamacare aren’t likely to vote for him. The administration is purposefully trying to keep them in the dark, while simultaneously spending millions on ads with Andy Griffith proclaiming things like, “That new health care law sure sounds good for all of us on Medicare!”  

It’s disgustingly dishonest.

Not only is it a blindfold, it’s a very expensive one. Just how much is $8.35 billion?

  • It’s more than twice what we spent on housing our military families ($3.4B) this year alone.
  • It’s almost as much as the entire budget ($8.5B) of Nevada.
  • It could buy 50,000 or so median-priced homes ($165K) in America.
  • It’s enough to buy and e-reader ($174) for every student enrolled in public school.
  • It’s enough to buy every high school student in the United States a fully loaded iPad with $85 to spend on apps.
  • It’s enough to buy a new car ($20k) for every single resident of Atlanta.

That’s a lot of real money put on our tax bill, just so Obama can seemingly swindle seniors into voting for him by making sure their benefits don’t expire until after he’s elected. Stay classy, Mr. President.


Image via chefranden/Flickr

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Flori... Floridamom96

What?!? Obama is a liar!? No way, dude!

Procr... Procrastamom

So, you cite your article from the Weekly Standard, a NEOCON magazine, and parrot back the same talking points and this counts as journalism?  It's easy to tell you're grasping at straws Jenny, because Bland Mittens is your candidate and you can't very well laud his achievements...you don't even like him. So, you set your pet monkey on the "ArticleBot2000" computer software and have him turn out ANOTHER article on why you hate Obama (surprise!).  You know, a little girl on the playground who constantly pokes and prods and bugs and talks about a boy is usually said to have a secret crush on him.  Shame, shame, I think I know your boyfriend's name...

Procr... Procrastamom

Let's talk about Swiss bank accounts.

Let's talk about firing your openly gay advisor two weeks after you hire him.

Let's talk about being so out of touch with the public you hope to lead that you stick your silver foot in your mouth DAILY.

corri... corrinacs

And that's any worse than our current system......how?

I think you are blind to what's around you RIGHT NOW!  At least Obama is trying to fix something....instead of letting our defunct medical system on the track its on now.

I don't know if you have noticed, but at the current rate of Medicare expenditure, the seniors won't have the money to pay for thier medical bills anyhow......and all that money that you are funneling into it now....yeah, it won't be there for you either.

Flori... Floridamom96

Sooo, a really, really bad idea is acceptable because, well, at least he's trying? Man, you're standards are way, way too low.

cecil... cecilmansmom

Obama is not trying to FIX a thing he's trying to destroy it. 

nonmember avatar Sabrina

"instead of letting our defunct medical system on the track it's on now"

You're right. Let's derail the train and kill everybody on board.

nonmember avatar Sabrina

So, since medicare is gonna be broke anyway, it's a good to take even more money away from it, and spend even more hiding it.

nonmember avatar CR

I thought you were against "socialism". Isn't medicare a universal (reading socialist) health care system? I guess it's OK for some people.

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Um, doesn't the Republican's poster boy Paul Ryan's budget proposal cut $700 billion–$800 billion from Medicaid?

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