Child Abuse Story So Twisted You'll Wonder Why Mom Wasn't Locked Up Sooner

bleachImagine the worst case of child abuse you've heard in the past few years. Now double it. You might be somewhere near the horror of what happened to the Washington State toddler who had bleach repeatedly poured in her eyes.

And now for the coup de grace. The woman charged with this heinous cruelty is the girl's own mother. Jennifer Mothershead (hard to believe, but yes, that's her real name) has been charged with first-degree child assault for allegedly causing permanent vision damage to her then 15-month-old daughter in May 2011.

I have just one question.

How did it get this far?

Pardon me if I sound naive, but I don't think a normal person simply wakes up one morning and says, "Today, I think I will become a monster." And monster is really the only word I can use to describe the kind of person who pours bleach into a child's eyes, describing it as "eye drops" to "treat" an eye infection. A "mother" certainly wouldn't do that.

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So if Jennifer Mothershead did this to her daughter, she is a monster, plain and simple. How did someone not notice this side of her before? Why wasn't this little girl already living with her father (who is now her legal guardian)? I don't mean to shift blame for this despicable act to anyone else.

But when child abuse is this depraved, I have to wonder: weren't there signs that this person was not fit to care for a young life? Didn't someone see something was ... off? Maybe they didn't. Maybe this is just my reaction because I want to live in a world where there are signs, where we can prevent children from suffering such unspeakable horrors. Sadly, instead, I live in a world where there are people who pour bleach in the eyes of an 18-month-old child.

Did you ever have the feeling that someone just was not fit to be a parent? What tipped you off?


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Debbie Paesano

It alwayas seems so inconceivable to me, why people go through 9 months carrying thier baby, and hours giving birth, then abuse them. WTH was this mother thinking? Why would she put bleach in her child's eyes? If she had an eye infection, just bring her to the Dr., simple as that. However, I guess she's not the sharpest pencil in the box, b/c this is so horrendous, I can't even fathom the pain that child had, with bleach in her eyes. Didn't she go for visits with her dad, who now has custody, after the damage is done, b/c maybe he would have noticed if the child had any other signs of abuse. This is a sick, twisted woman, and someone should throw bleach in her eyes, then she'll feel what she put her daughter through.devil

wireh... wirehangers

I've seen parents do a lot of idiotic things but never treating an eye infection with bleach.That's a new one for me.My stepmom used to wash her daughters hands with lysol sometimes,not out of malice,just misinformed stupidity.I had a friend whos mother used to make them brush with comet for "whiter teeth",super crazy,and my sister used to let my 3 year old niece watch Fritz the Cat(it's a cartoon porn)all the time and when I confronted her with it she replied,"what's the problem?It's a cartoon?".Like the very hot Keanu Reeve's Parenthood character says,"you need a license to drive,a license to fish,but any ******* can become a parent".Or something along those lines

Della Holmes

This sounds like munchhousin syndrom.  She makes the baby sick so people will feel sorry for her and she gets attention at the cost to the baby.


Miaro... MiarosesMommy

All I can say is, anyone who would do this to a defenseless child does not deserve to breathe.  There was a college aged girl here in Florida where I live who was leaving her 7month old daughter strapped in her carseat for hours, even days.....just so she could go out partying.  The baby was in filth, with a bottle left by her side and placed in front of the TV while her egg-donor (not fit to be called a mother) went out.  Thank God the neighbor called the police.  The girl went out and was gone for almost 3 days with her baby strapped alone in that car seat.  She had done this so often that the little one had a flat spot on the back of her head.  When authorities found her she had horrible burns from sitting in her own filth, was malnourished, etc.  She has since been cared for and is doing fantastic, adopted by a good, caring family.  And the best part?  The judge made a deal with this girl, she doesn't get jail time if she tied her tubes and gave up all parental rights to the baby.  Her parents were already taking care of an older child of hers because she basically "gave" the child to them.  She screwed up her probation though and got jail time anyways.  Completely useless whore in my opinion....

MyKyL... MyKyLeIgHboo

I love my daughter so much....and i wud really like to be a vigilante and fucking "OFF" all these fucked up people in the dam world man!


nonmember avatar mommyforever

She did it for the $500 a month one can get from SS for a blind child.

WhyIs... WhyIstheworld

i'd love to just throw acid in this mothers eyes and watch them descinigrate (spell)

Lauren Wasinger

Not excusing this AT ALL, but it sounds like this mom was probably psychotic and perhaps had Munchausen by Proxy. If so, then she was doing this in order to get the attention of the girls' doctors and she was almost certainly a brilliant actress who looked like mother of the year in front of other people.

That said, the article said that the girl had a previously diagnosed "eye condition" that was "worsening." So I wonder why the dr. who was handling her case didnt' see anything unusual about the damage to the child's eyes. Healthy babies with no underlying problems don't generally develop cornea damage out of the blue.... (cataracts are lens damage, not cornea damage)

Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

I work in a pediatric icu n my mother is a chils protection worker. And sadly the stupid laws dont really protect children...i see abusers get their child or children back all the time. It makes me sick. Thats an understatement. God willing there is karma that is extremely haarsh for for monster like child abusers.

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