Half-Naked Intruder in 12-Year-Old's Bedroom Is Lucky to Be Alive

justiceHero alert! When an intruder broke down the front door of a house in Washington State, pulled down his pants, and climbed into bed with a 12-year-old girl, the girl's dad grabbed his gun. And he proceeded to hold the creep at gunpoint while his wife called the cops. 

The family's nightmare ended when the cops showed up two minutes later and booked Kevin Niel Hawkins on charges of attempted child rape and burglary. It's a good lesson for vigilantes everywhere.


You have the right to protect yourself and your own. Do any more than that, and you lower yourself to their level. And it's just not worth it.

As little Alexis Reimers' mom Emily Kiely told TV crews who showed up to tell their horror story, it could have ended a lot worse if her husband had gone further:

Thank God my husband didn't shoot him -- otherwise that would have been a whole other story. But I'm glad we did have something to defend ourselves and glad my daughter is safe.

Her words marked a turning point in the newscast for me. Here I was, shaking with anger on her family's behalf, on behalf of that poor little girl. I wanted to do terrible, awful things to the kind of man who would hurt a child.

This guy made one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make: threatening a young girl when her daddy was there to protect her. But the way Alexis' dad handled the whole thing gives me chills. He was a hero under pressure, and he did exactly what every other person facing a criminal should. He defended his family, and nothing more. He left the real work for the criminal justice system.

His restraint saved his family. By neutralizing the threat against his family without using force, he saved them the agony of having to watch him become a criminal. They didn't have to see him booked and carted off to jail too. Can you imagine how hard that would have been for that kid? Here she is the victim of a trauma, and then on top of it, she'd have to lose her rock, the daddy who came to her rescue?

I think it's pretty safe to say that's a horror this kid could live without. And thanks to her pretty awesome dad, she can! He made certain the only criminal in that house is now in the big house.

What would you have done in this man's situation?


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