Think America Is the Safest Place for Women? Think Again

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What's the worst place in the world to live for women? Well, going by these Worst Places to Be a Woman maps, they all seem to be on the other side of the world. Overall the U.S. is a pretty good place for women. We do a good job of educating girls. Baby girls are cherished just as much as baby boys. And underage marriage (under 16) is illegal. Score, USA! 

But when it comes to safety -- eek! Let's just say the U.S. is definitely not the safest place in the world for women.  

We're kind of somewhere in the middle. Well, that whole map looks scary, actually. When it comes to "how vulnerable women are to various forms of physical assault, including murder, rape, and domestic violence" it's pretty much Western Europe and everyone else. Kind of makes me want to move to Spain.

Want a closer look at that safety question? According to Forbes, America's most dangerous cities for women in the U.S. are Memphis, TN; Battle Creek, MI; Lawton, OK; Pine Bluff, AK; Flint, MI; Redding, CA; Springfield, IL; Fairbanks, AK; Anchorage, AK; and Saginaw, MI.* (Michigan, what the hell?!?) This is based on FBI crime data on violent crimes and sexual assault per capita. 

Wouldn't it be a luxury if we could all choose where we live based on the safety of the location? I would love to see the top 10 safest cities for women as well.

It makes me wonder about everything that goes into making a city safe or dangerous for women. Is it the economy? The weather? Is Alaska more dangerous because women are so outnumbered? I don't know, but I'm feeling nervous for the women in these cities now.

*Forbes has discovered some discrepancies in their numbers and are bustin' the calculators to figure it out. The infamy of most dangerous city may not belong to Saginaw after all.

Are you surprised that the U.S. isn't safer for women?


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nonmember avatar anon

Texas, I don't think anyone would. Only you, because you are craaaazy.

Kaitlin Guzzi

"That's a monumental amount of girl-powered potential thrown out with the trash or otherwise disposed of as "waste"."

One - Considering the death rate from abortion is 1 in 1,000,000 versus the death rate from carrying (or attempting to carry) a conception to term is 1 in 10,000 in the US.

Two - fetal sex determination is typically made at a stage after a legal abortion can be perfomed (sans other medical region), so it is not as though (legal, in the US) abortion is targetting baby girls over boys (which is what this article is about).  In other countries (depending on the country) abortion can be performed after the first trimester if the sex (usually female) isn't desired, but we're talking about the US.

So logically, your argument really holds no weight.  Abortion in the US not only fails to make things harder for baby girls versus baby boys but also saves women lives by offering them a low-mortality procedure to counteract a high-mortality condition.

(And I don't appreciate your use of terms - my appendix was threating my life at one point and I had it removed.  I never considered my appendix "waste".  It was simply a collection of my cells that was causing bodily harm)

Kaitlin Guzzi

(Sorry, maternity death rate is 1.7 in 10,000 in the US - I rounded incorrectly...a more proper round would bring that number to 1 in 5,000)

Shelby Mainzer

Pine Bluff, AK?!?! It's Arkansas (AR). Alaska is (AK).

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