Calling Someone 'Gay' Doesn't Show You Have a Sense of Humor (VIDEO)

Sandra Fluke, the brave young Georgetown law student who spoke up for better birth control coverage, was recently engaged to her long term boyfriend William Mutterperl, and once again conservative pundits have shown how classless they are.

When told of the engagement, Fox News pundit Monica Crowley tweeted: "To a man?" Oh that is HILARIOUS to call her gay. What a jokester that Crowley is. Fluke fired back saying she disturbed by the conservative commentator's "blatant homophobia."

Meanwhile Crowley said she had exposed the lack of humor on the left. Oddly enough, we on the left probably laugh more than those on the right. We just tend to laugh at funny things, not playground bullying. Here is Fluke's response:


Never mind that it's blatantly homophobic -- why would she assume she was gay? -- it's also just a dumb comment that makes no sense. A woman who argues FOR birth control is gay? Why would she need birth control if she were gay? Do you see the problem with the logic here?

It's one thing for women to disagree with one another politically. I disagree with Sarah Palin and I find her views on most things utterly repugnant and positively backwards. But I would never call her ugly or slutty or question her sexuality and think that was funny or fair. Do you see the difference?

A person's views are fair game. But their personal lives and their appearance are not. It doesn't make Crowley look very smart to cut down another woman in such an obnoxious and ignorant way. And her response is even worse: I was only joking! It smacks of spinelessness and folly to always say that. 

If you're going to say something embarrassingly stupid, at least own it. Actually later she did try to claim it was an honest question, which at least feels more excusable, still rude, ignorant, and humiliating, but at least not just bullying for the sake of bullying.

The right proves time and again that they are just the big mean kids on the playground trying to beat the smarter kids up and steal their lunch money.

If the above statement was in any way offensive to you, I shall now cash in my get out of jail free card. I was only joking!

Do you think this comment is out of line?




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small... smallfryes

I haven't been on the Stir or Cafemom in quite some time.  Why?  Because the bloggers and the commentors were getting ridiculous.  I decided to give it another try though - just come back on and see what people were writing and talking about now.

And remembered why I stayed away.  Seriously?  So some conservative commentators say something stupid and you decide to lump ALL conservatives into one big pile?  There are quite humorous conservative people out there, who give us a view of how they see a situation with a different slant that does come off as quite funny.  There are people on bothe sides who do.  Just as there are people on both sides who don't come off as funny, as the woman above does.

And please, stop with the whole pollyana routine about how you've never said anything deragatory about any other women.  You do.  It may be thinly veiled, but you do and your contempt shows through.

Thanks for making sure I don't give this site another chance.


DritaF DritaF

I guess it's just as classless as Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a twat and a cunt.

zandh... zandhmom2

Oh Please *eye roll*

AliNo... AliNoelle

It wasn't funny. But who cares what Monica Crowley (sp?) says or thinks anyway.

babyb... babybirch

Not at all funny. But as many have said, both sides have been classless in their actions towards each other. It's a shame, really, that America's politics are about as mature as kindergarteners.

And probably not even that much.


amand... amandasmomma

Honestly, I really don't see how Monica's question makes her a blatant homophobic.

nonmember avatar Guest

"young Georgetown law student who spoke up for better birth control coverage"

Wrong. Close to thirty year old long time liberal activist who was demanding OTHER PEOPLE PAY for her birth control.

A teeny tiny bit of honesty, please.

"Sarah Palin ... I would never call her ugly or slutty or question her sexuality"

OK, I will take your word for it that you are part of the one percent of liberals who can make that claim. However; Really? Palin in particular and most women on the right in general have been savaged routinely by a million times worse from the left.

Left wing hypocrisy knows no bounds.

momof... momof030404

It's amazing they allow somene to blog who lacks even a basic dictionary. Look up PHOBIA and get back to us :)

hotrd... hotrdumommy

Conservatives are always good for a laugh. Too bad it's not for their sharp wit and humor.

nonmember avatar Guest

"Ed" in particular and the MSNBC crew in general are some of the worst and most disgusting spewers of lies, hate, slander and insults on the planet. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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