Marine Finds Out the Hard Way You Can't Diss Your Boss on Facebook (VIDEO)

sgt. gary steinMarine Sgt. Gary Stein, who began an armed forces Tea Party Web page, is still making headlines for declaring on Facebook, "Screw Obama. I will not follow all orders from him." Now, he has been given an "other than honorable" discharge for his Facebook remarks. Although he and his lawyers argued that he was only exercising his First Amendment rights, the fact of the matter is that he crossed a very sensitive line.

No matter who you are, what line of work or position you're in, bashing the boss behind his back -- and then saying you're going to defy his orders -- is not only in poor taste, but it's seriously playing with fire. 


It seems like people think lashing out on their Facebook about anyone they please is one of their constitutional rights, but there are obviously very real repercussions. And an apology just doesn't cut it. I'm reminded of the guy who ripped into his wife on his Facebook a while back and was required by the judge to post an apology every day. Crazy! Hey, we all have freedom of speech, but you can't just spew disparaging remarks publicly about your superior and expect it to go over smoothly. Especially when you're a Marine, discussing the Commander-in-Chief.

Stein did express regret for his remark, writing on Facebook at one point, "The words that I used were tasteless and I could have articulated my point more clearly. I am man enough to admit my mistakes."

Bravo. But his most recent reaction doesn't sound as apologetic ... He told the Associated Press today:

I love the Marine Corps, I love my job. I wish it wouldn't have gone this way. I'm having a hard time seeing how 15 words on Facebook could have ruined my nine-year career.

It's unfortunate, but now, he has to be man enough to admit that the punishment fit his serious misstep.

Here's ABC News' report on the situation ...

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What do you think about Stein's other-than-honorable discharge for his Facebook remarks?

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