'Mom Proms' Are About So Much More Than Booty-Shaking (VIDEO)

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woman wearing her old prom dress for a mom promWatching teens take pics on the front lawns of their parents' suburban homes the other day, I thought, "OMG. It has been ten years since my senior prom -- mind-blowing!" I remembered my prom dress ... A-line, simple, strapless, and red, it actually wouldn't look dated at all. But oh, what a waste. I wore it just once, and in ten years, it's probably been shuttled from one storage unit to the next, as my parents moved from Illinois to different homes in Florida. I can't possibly think of any use for it ... Unleeesss ... I were to attend a MOM PROM! Oh yes. This exists! Have you heard?

Mom proms are an awesome excuse to get your prom dress out of storage (or nab a funky vintage one from eBay!). At these events sweeping the country, women are dancing to the sounds of a rad DJ, singing karaoke, participating in tackiest dress contests, and even vying to be prom queen! But wait, hold on, it's not just about getting a do-over on your high school hey day. It's about so much more.

The real reason women are throwing mom proms -- which, FYI, aren't limited to just moms, since you can be child-free and attend most events -- is because they're a stellar way to raise charitable funds! Forget the stuffy old, uptight, Emily from Gilmore Girls-esque charity events. (Although, whenever Lorelai was involved, they sure ended up being a good time, huh? Seriously, if she was real, Lorelai Gilmore would have been the mastermind behind Mom Proms!) Love that mom proms are encouraging women to support their favorite charitable cause -- be it an animal shelter, breast cancer research, or marriage equality -- in a totally accessible, really fun way.

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To spread the word, the organization behind the fun fad is even sponsoring a National Mom Prom Night Out this coming Saturday night. Woohoo! They say it doesn't matter if you haven't already booked a venue and sent out fancy invites. Any group of women can participate by simply going out to dinner, maybe dancing, and then taking the money that they spend on themselves that evening and matching those funds for a charity of their choosing.

The only rule: "Have fun and please send momprom.org the photos and stories of your night." Aww! Sounds like they really do want us ladies to make a difference one girls' night out at a time!

To that I say -- brilliant! Let the Mom Proms begin!

Check out this fun local news story out of Detroit about the phenomenon:

Would you ever participate in a Mom Prom?


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nonmember avatar Lord K

That. Is. Just. Creepy.

Drgndame Drgndame

Thats not creepy it sounds like fun its 

nicol... nicole2884

were i live the have a prom for adults hosted by a radio station an all the proceeds go to children in need 

i think it sounds like tons of fun


emily4.5 emily4.5

I would totally get my black velvet gown out and go to one of these! Haha Sounds fun!

kisse... kisses5050

 We use do a "second Chance Prom" for charity it was a awesome... it was held at a down town hotel and it some people came in vintage clothes.. some of the stories were very touching.. one woman had been heavy all through school and was there with her husband in a stunning black gown "living a dream" another couple was a same sex couple who didn't get attend prom together due to the times the grew up in... another couple had gone to high school together but gone to prom with other people married other people divorced and found each other years later... others just wanted a cool night out...

nonmember avatar Lord K

lol yet when a man does something along similar lines, he's creepy and immature.

abrow... abrown33179

I'd go in a heartbeat.


Yeah, I like to think I've grown a little past high school. Give me a frickin' break. I do have a LIFE now, apparently unlike these women, and I really don't need to recapture my past.

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