Obama & Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News & It's Smooth (VIDEO)

obama slow jams the news

Jimmy Fallon's special guest last night on Late Night was the Dave Matthews Band -- awesome, man. Oh yeah, and also President Barack Obama!

That's right, the POTUS with the mostest appeared on Jimmy's show last night. There was some light chit-chat with Jimmy, a few Twitter questions, and some slow jams. I think you know what I'm talking about. Here are the four best moments of Obama on Late Night.

Obama "slow jams" the news. Awww yeah. This is how Jimmy introduced President Obama: "I know someone else who wants to slow jam the news!" With The Roots playing backup, the President of the United States, or the "Preezzy of the United Steezzy" as Jimmy likes to call him, explained how he's asking Congress not to raise interest rates on Stafford student loans. "The right and the left should join on this like Kim and Kanye," Black Thought added. And then Jimmy called Obama the "Barackness Monster" and Obama dropped the microphone at the end. Great move but more 'tude next time, Mr. President.

Obama's Man Cave and what makes him laugh. Jimmy asked Obama what it's like living in the White House with three women. "It's basically me and Bo, and sometimes they pick on both of us at the same time." He said when he retires to the "presidential man cave" (Jimmy's term), "We turn on SportsCenter. We have a couple beers." What makes Obama laugh? The movie Groundhog Day. Oh, Bama, why you gotta date yourself like that? But then he redeemed himself by mentioning Kee and Peel's hilarious "Obama Anger Translator" videos. "It's pretty good stuff."

Secret Service "knuckleheads" and Bobo Brian on the Brain. Obama was diplomatic when Jimmy asked him about the Secret Service scandal. "Look, these guys are incredible ... Ninety-nine percent of them, every day, they're putting their life on the line, and they do a great job. So a couple of knuckleheads shouldn't detract from what they do. What these guys were thinking I don't know. That's why they're not there anymore." Then Jimmy read some questions submitted via Twitter.

The first one came from @BoboBrian. "I woke up wondering what Bobo Brian was thinking!" Obama exclaimed. The question: "Due to economic pressures the influence on voters could likely see ... oh forget it. Are you going to legalize weed or what?" The answer is NO, and Obama wants to make it more of a public health issue. Oh yeah, and he's officially quit smoking.

POTUS Tweets his stump speech. The last Twitter question was about how a dad should explain to his daughters why he's voting for Obama instead of Romney. Obama said he'd respond in under 140 characters. "Let's move forward, not backward. I believe in young people and I'm going to fight for you."

But then he kept going: Do we stay on a track that is investing in all the young people here ... everyone paying their fair share ... future where we provide a framework where everyone can succeed ... bla bla bla.

Jimmy pointed out, "That was 3,000 characters! Was that a multiple tweet?" Nope. "That was one Tweet that then referred you to a Facebook wall." Savvy, Mr. President.

What did you think of Obama's appearance on Late Night?


Image via NBC

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mustb... mustbeGRACE

NBC in the tank for Obam, just like the rest of media.

Too bad for the American people.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I wish GWB did stuff like this when he was in office. He seemed like a funny guy.

Procr... Procrastamom

This was my favourite part:

"I don't think that their nominee is going to be able to suddenly say, 'Everything I've said for the last six months, I didn't mean.' I'm assuming that he meant it," he said. "When you're running for president, people are paying attention to what you're saying."

Can't wait to watch an Obama/Mittens debate.  Rmoney probably doesn't even realize that O is taking notes on every flip-flop Mitt makes (seemingly every single day of this election year).  It'll be like reading back a liar's laundry list.

Procr... Procrastamom

Oops, just realized that that^^^ quote was in a Rolling Stone interview.  Sorry...but it's still a favourite :)

CR Hays

Obama plays Fallon Show like a puppet. He goes on there talking about interest on loans just as thousands of students are getting their emails from the financial aid office about the Pell Grant cut!!! Wake up people, don't be played. Last year Obama cut the Pell by 6 semesters, that's 3 years. Now you will HAVE to get loans just to get through school. They are just trying to divert your attention.

nonmember avatar Me

CR Hays, you seem to be confused. Pell grants were the one federal program that resulted in more money with the deficit-deal signed into law in August of 2011. I'm not sure where you get your mistaken information, but next time make sure your facts are straight. Federal subsidies for graduate student loans were cut in the trade-off. You're welcome.


We already know where he stands on everything so lets not be stupid again in November people. He could sell an Eskimo ice. Don't be fooled again. We've had enough hope and change. We need to get back on track as Americans and stop being the laughing stock everywhere else in the world.

Procr... Procrastamom

JAFE - you Americans are the laughing stock because of Republicans.  Always have been.  Always will be.


There isn't a republican in there now is there?

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