Murdered Marine Wife's Kinky Bondage Link Shouldn't Matter -- For Now

The murder of a California Marine’s wife, Brittany Killgore, just gets more sad and bizarre. First, a woman named Jessica Lynn Lopez was charged in Brittany’s murder. Now a man who is a “person of interest” in the investigation was found to be a regular on kinky bondage websites.

Louis Ray Perez, who reportedly lives with the murder suspect and was the last person to see Brittany Killgore alive, also apparently liked to post on kinky BDSM sites.

One romantic ad he supposedly penned went like this:

I am lord and master, dom and daddy of my house. My slave, Ms. Dee, is a slave to no one but myself.

Okay, it's bad enough to be the last person who saw a murdered woman alive, but this makes him look even worse right? Only, it shouldn't really. It’s not my thing, but I actually have more than one friend who is into the bondage-y stuff. A few even write about it. No ... big ... deal.

Granted, throw in a dead woman and the main suspect who's living with you, and suddenly the bondage-y, slave-y stuff looks mighty suspicious and perhaps could be a motive in the murder. Who knows? I’m not a detective.

All I’m saying is that lots of nice, normal, non-murderers go on those sites and post ads for slaves and doms and subs and daddies and all the rest. Like I said, not me! If I did, I would admit it. There’s no shame in it, as long as it’s consensual. To each his or her own.

A lot of you mommies are out there reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Lot of bondage-y stuff in there. So I hear. Not like I read it. But word has it those kinky scenes in the book are inspiring a lot of women in the bedroom.

So let us allow the police figure to out what happened to this woman without getting all preoccupied by the bondage-y, slave-y, dom-y, master-y stuff. Because that’s not what’s important. Right?

Does Perez's kinky sex life make him more suspicious to you?


Image via confusedcourage/Flickr

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Rebecca Peterson

The most appalling thing is that her husband was deployed through all of this. I feel bad for her husband. Truly I do.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Im not sure what the point of all of this was. If you're not being judgy towards those of us who enjoy the darker side of sex, then why write this article?

Megankae Megankae

Not even the worst part, yes he was deployed, BUT she filed for divorce two weeks ago. He probably hadn't gotten the paper work yet, and he may not have even known.

Imagine you get sent home because your wife is missing, just to find out she has filed and been cheating on you.

Poor guy, how do you grieve some one when you find out stuff like that?


I agree, a friend of mines brother was deployed during the holidays, and his wife wanted to send him a dear john  letter, she also wanted to move herself and the children in with the new man, how sad was that, i believe telling them while they're deployed is a cowards way, it also possibly breaks down their will to live placing them as well as the troops he or she is partnered with in serious danger, this poor man didn't have any air before he got hit with all of this unbelievable stuff, the woman he thought he knew he didn't know at all! As for the blame, that bdsm stuff can become rough, holding your breath etc.. pain turned into pleasure, suffering turned into sexually heightened excitement etc.. if it is found the reason for her death stemmed from that then yes some heads should roll if not, continue investigating. And for god sakes get the family some grief counseling.

Cher53 Cher53

This seems to be happening more and more in the military either she is leaving or he is leaving...Oh Wow....


nonmember avatar Anonymous

These two were quite well-known within BDSM circles in San Diego. I think they may have hung out with a group that calls themselves TNG, and regularly throws kinky sex & booze parties for young people.

nonmember avatar What?

Ms. Blakeley describes herself as being a journalist (among other things). "Self-taught," I suspect (and hope!). Wow! Where'd she pick up this "style?" From stuff written on bathroom stalls, I suspect!

nonmember avatar April

This is yellow journalism at it's worst. Where does this "author" get off? You seem awfully judgmental to me. Journalism 101 you don't judge and you don't give your opinion on a news story. Ever.

Megankae, how do we know she was cheating on her husband? I didn't read that in this article.

I find it appalling to even suggest that because this woman was into BDSM she's now dead. We don't know that. We weren't there when she died. Why jump to harsh conclusions? I'm so sick of people thinking that those of us who are into BDSM are sick and depraved people who go around killing each other. We're not.

You vanilla people need to get over yourselves and get a life. Seriously.

nonmember avatar HelleCat

@Anon, How dare you throw a group's name out there like that? The local TNG had NOTHING to do with what happend. Now you're maligning an entire group's name because you THINK they MAY have hung out with them at one point in time? Why do I think it's sour grapes on your part? Did someone not get invited to the party with the young hotties? People like you make me sick, and you don't even have the cajones to put up your name.

As to the article itsself, No them being involved in kinky sex has nothing to do what happened. And it makes neither more or less guilty.

nonmember avatar Joe

Folks, this is "The Stir," not the Washington Post. Ms Blakeley is an opionista and blogger as well as a journalist. If you want a "straight news" story about this tragic event, look somewhere else.

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