Terrifying Sidewalk Sinkhole Swallows Teen Whole! (VIDEO)

Girl being swallowed by sinkhole
Girl being swallowed by sinkhole
I don't think I have too many irrational fears in life. I mean, cockroaches, mirrors in the dark, and Carrot Top are all universally scary things, right? Well, now I can say I officially have one: Sidewalks. Yes, those things that run along the side of streets. Though I'm not so sure this fear can be classified as "irrational" anymore, as a teenager who was casually walking while chatting on her phone was just swallowed up whole by a sidewalk. Out of nowhere!

This video is messed up, you guys. A girl literally gets swallowed up by a sidewalk in one swift motion! I promise you, you've never seen anything like it. And I promise you, you'll never look at sidewalks the same.


Dude! WTF?! Thank god the cab driver happened to see her, right? And thank god he ran out and helped her! Poor girl. This is one thing I'm sure she never thought would happen. I mean, would anyone? Jeez!

Sidewalks: The new cockroaches. Or Carrot Tops.

Um ... how insane is this? Do you have any irrational fears? If so, share with the class.


Image via telegraphtv/YouTube

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