Joran Van Der Sloot May Finally See a US Courtroom

Nearly seven years after Natalee Holloway disappeared while on a school trip to Aruba, the man many think was responsible for her disappearance (but who has never been formally charged) -- Joran Van Der Sloot -- may finally face some kind of justice. Peru has recently approved an extradition to the US for Van Der Sloot who is serving a 28-year sentence for murdering a girl there.

Though he isn't charged with murdering Holloway, he has been charged by US federal authorities with trying to extort $250,000 from Holloway’s mother to give her the location of the teen’s body buried in Aruba.

Though it's a "great" thing to get any sort of justice for Holloway, it's unclear whether it would really be justice if he gets a cushier place to serve his sentence.

Most people are fairly well convinced that Van Der Sloot knows where Holloway is, but the likelihood that he will ever come clean or admit any truth is very low, indeed.

This may be Beth Holloway's (Natalee's mother) only chance for "justice." It's sad and wrong, but at least he will pay for something. It shouldn't have taken him being caught murdering another girl for him to finally be in prison.

Had he been imprisoned originally, he may not have ever killed Stephany Flores, the 21-year-old student he admitted strangling and beating in a Lima hotel room in May 2010.

He also wouldn't have been able to try to extort money. As a mom, I can't imagine how Beth must feel right now. It is something. But it isn't what a mom wants. What a mom wants is justice for her child. But she may never see that in any real way.

And that makes it still a tragedy. Holloway may never get any real sense of closure.

Do you think Van Der Sloot should be extradited?

Image via Erik Cleves Kristensen/Flickr



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Laurlev Laurlev

No! He is serving 28 years in one of the worlds most hostile prisons. Why should we pay to have him come to the US and then pay for a trial?

bowman5 bowman5

No way ...


Water... Water_geM

only if they send him back to peru.

Mary Ann Johnston

He should be exradicted here, but only after he serves every minute of his 28 year sentence in Peru.  It's too bad he never said where Natalie's body is.  Her family lives in the neighboring town and it has really affected this area.  As a mother, I can't begin to imagine the torment her mother is feeling, knowing she is most likely dead but not able to bury her.  He should be made to pay, but here he would get a light sentence, so after he's done in Peru.

Pat Riccinto

As off the wall as this may sound...i think once in the U.S. , they should let the Holloway family go into a room with him and let what happens happen. I would kill his a@@ as soon as he stepped foot in the U.S. if I were the father of Natalie.

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