George Clooney Is a Cheap Date That Most of the Country Can't Afford

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Football coaches Henry Sanders and Vince Lombardi famously said, "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing." While I'm about to faint, having made a sporty thingies reference, this credo applies in politics as well. That's why you see politicians pulling out all the stops and using their positions to recruit "star power" via celebrity endorsements.

President Obama takes the cake in this regard. Which isn't surprising, being that President Obama relies on a cult of personality since he cannot rely on his abysmal record. More interesting is why he is pulling his latest cash for access stunt: Dinner with him and George Clooney (no word yet if dog meat will be on the menu) for the low, low price of $3. The White House is shamelessly up for sale at the bargain basement price of $3. 

George Clooney is prostituting himself for President Obama but, hey, at least he's a cheap date! The Secret Service could have learned something from him in Cartagena. But why so cheap?

It seems the President's own star power has fallen drastically. There weren't enough suckers who wanted to shell out their quickly diminishing dough for a chance at dinner with just Obama. Enter George Clooney! See, as The New York Times reports, big donors are fleeing President Obama. Cash strapped? Pimp out the White House and use the lure of Hollywood to sucker in smaller donors:

With big checks no longer flowing as quickly into his campaign, Mr. Obama is leaning harder on his grass-roots supporters, whose small contributions make up well over half of the money he raised through the end of March, according to reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.

Feeling the pinch in this horrible economy? Suck it up and hand your money over. The most important thing to President Obama is President Obama. Laser-like focus on jobs? Yeah, on his job:

Mr. Obama has held more than a hundred joint fund-raisers since last spring, far more than President George W. Bush during his 2004 re-election, and has tucked fund-raising stops into many of his official presidential trips.

Now with more Clooney! Star-studded dinners are what's on the mind of most Americans, huh? Talk about out of touch.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our 5 Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, read Should Presidential Candidates Use Star Power to Fuel Donations?

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nonmember avatar stophating

haters gon' hate. haha.

This article is a waste of space and the dog meat comment was an ignorant low-blow. Seems you're giving Jenny Erickson a run for her money as the worst "journalist" on the Stir.

angev... angevil53

wow that wasn't biased at all.

Amber Kevlin

Yeah. I really feally like the writes of Cafe Mom should keep their political and religious beliefs to themselves. This is ridiculous.


LMAO!!!! I totally love this post.

bills... billsfan1104

Amber, do you ask that of the liberal bloggers?? Should they shut up too??

angeil, it is supposed to be biased, just like every article from the liberal bloggers on here.  But do you get upset over that??  Nope.



That's SO what's funny billsfan. I'm still laughing pretty hard.

Catherine Twohill

Of course the reading skills of folks like this need some improvement...the dinner is at Clooney's house, not the White House, and the low-price ticket is to be one of two winners who will go to a high-ticket fundraiser.
The idea was to give those whose pockets are shallow, but who support this president, to be appreciated for their contributions.

marip... mariposa21

LOL! Hilarity. Wonder how Romney's money train (and the dog he strapped to the ROOF of his SPEEDING VEHICLE) is doing. Bias is Ok, total ignorance and lack of facts, savvy and ya know, a point are not ;)

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