John Edwards' Trial Is a Reminder That He Made Us All Look Like Fools

Monday is the first day of the John Edwards trial. The former presidential candidate is in a heap of hot water for allegedly using campaign funds to house (and hide) his mistress and their illegitimate baby from voters. Once a "family man" and model of good citizenship, Edwards has become a punch line and really a classic example of why one should never trust a politician.

As a Democrat who once believed in him and everything he stood for, I am especially angry at him. The issues he believed in -- helping the poor, supporting women, helping families -- are all still real, but because he couldn't stay faithful (or get divorced), all that is gone.

It's a complete sham (and shame) when politicians do things like this. Of course, he is not the first.

With Edwards, it's different. Sure, Bill Clinton was a philanderer, but we kind of always knew that. Even though he "lied(ish)" about his "sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky, his lies didn't cut at the very fabric of his campaign and all that he stood for. 

Edwards may or may not have known about the $1 million in campaign funds donated by Rachel "Bunny" Mellon and Fred Baron, which were used to help his mistress, Rielle Hunter, and their child. But it's kind of hard to believe he didn't. Even though the money wasn't considered campaign money, it does become so because it was given with the purpose of protecting Edwards' presidential candidacy.

Go ahead and wreck your marriage. That's your business. But don't lie about it and illegally use campaign funds in order to dupe the public into believing you are a "family man." He insulted every single one of us with this.

A CBS News/New York Times poll found that only 3 percent of Americans feel good about Edwards (how could anyone?). In addition, 41 percent of people aren't simply neutral. In fact, they actively dislike him.

It's such a shame. It's always a huge disappointment when someone you believed in turns out to be just like everyone else. But Edwards was worse. Those who believed he was good thought he might bring real change.

Now he might go to jail. How the mighty do fall.

Were you disappointed by Edwards?


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I was embarrassed by Edwards just like I was Clinton and just like I am now with our Secret Service. I mean really, how pathetic can you be?

jpfsmom jpfsmom

Not giving Edwards a pass (or Clinton for that matter) but seeing they never ran on a "family values moral ticket"  I can't really persecute them.  What they did to their families was pretty disgusting but to their defense they never ran on a "family values moral campaign"  Right, wrong, I really don't know but when a republican gets caught with his pants down after they were shoving all these morals down everyone's throat, I think that something like that is more damaging...

Kritika Kritika

From what I understand, Elizabeth Edwards was no walk in the park. Their marriage was already "over" when he had the affair but didn't want a divorce to cripple his political career. It's not right but there are a number of reasons why men stray.


@jpfsmom, any person working for us, in our government owes us to be a moral human being. So if they cheat it's okay because they never said they wouldn't? Really??? 

bills... billsfan1104

Kritia, I agree.  I feel bad, but I heard she was nasty.  Even in her interviews, she was rude and nasty and what people forget is that she LIED.  She lied about the affair, she lied about the child being his, when she already knew the results.  I am not saying that she deserved it, but women need to start understanding, that it takes two to make a marriage work, and if you let yourself go, berate your husband and treat him like shit, he will go look elsewhere. Is it right??  Nope. 

But he didnt fool me.  I always thought he was a scumbag. 

calim... calimom73

I am disappointed by Edwards AND Clinton.  Both are philanderers and Clinton should not get a pass on that. 

KenneMaw KenneMaw

Elizabeth Edwards did not "let herself go"   The woman had CANCER for YEARS!!!!!   Not only did John lie, but he used funds inappropriately to keep his affair quiet, another man tried to take responsibility for the baby so John could keep his squeaky imagine.....sorry, but John is a political dirtbag.   He deserves all that is coming to him and not because of his affair, but he lied to everyone -family, staff, supporters, the nation, the people that loved him.....all to get ahead and into the White House.   So happy that little plan didn't work out.

nonmember avatar Guest

Clinton lied about many many things, but in the case of the Lewinski affair, the sitting president committed PERJURY. In a Sexual Harassment lawsuit, no less. A crime that prior to Clinton, was considered by the women to be just about the worst crime a human could commit.

"As a Democrat who once believed in him and everything he stood for, " And as long as you allow yourself to be enamored with platitudes and propaganda, as opposed to a logical analysis of the facts, you will continue to have this problem.

nonmember avatar Guest

@jpfsmom; the contortions you resort to to attempt to justify your "We will overlook it if a democrat does it, but will gleefully pile on if it is a Republican" hypocrisy is truly amazing. Spin little sheep, spin!

Procr... Procrastamom

Hey Guest, did you used to post here with another name?  One rhyming with Snot-Liced-Toffee maybe? Gimme a sign, Girl.  Say "pissing on fire hydrants" and then I'll know it's you.  Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!

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