George Zimmerman's Prison Release Is a Disaster in the Making

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George Zimmerman mugshotGeorge Zimmerman got what he wanted. The man accused of second degree murder in the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin is expected to be released from prison any time now. Sounds like good news for the Zimmerman camp? Guess again.

When Zimmerman is released on bond, he'll go right back to the fear and terror that he's been living with since the news of the shooting sparked a national outrage. The delay in his release, after all, isn't just about setting up an electronic monitor for the defendant in a murder trial.

They'll also be laying down the law about no access to firearms, no drugs, no alcohol, and no harrassing Trayvon's family. But Florida officials also have to figure out how to keep Zimmerman safe from an angry public -- the type that's been so out of control that they've even started threatening his wife, Shellie, despite zero evidence that she did anything to Trayvon. That may mean taking him out of the State of Florida entirely. I don't envy them the massive undertaking in this age of tabloid stalkers and people with a cameraphone always at the ready. The whole process is just one nosy person's Internet post away from disaster.

I can understand people's anger. But it's a sad commentary on our society that people can't even give the justice system a chance. Vigilantism is tempting. But that doesn't make it right.

If anything, the hypocrisy of protesting what appears to be the shooting of an innocent teenager by someone who made a snap judgment by threatening his life only serves to make Zimmerman a slightly more sympathetic figure. I'm not saying it gives him a pass for what may or may not have happened down in Seminole County, but it certainly shows this guy is not living the life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

He's in his own kind of hell now, and getting out of prison is part and parcel of the whole deal. He'd probably be better off just staying put!

Where do you think Zimmerman should be headed this weekend?


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HaiDanni HaiDanni

he is in JAIL. He hasnt even been tried yet, let alone sentenced. PRISON comes after those steps. Good lord.

bills... billsfan1104

You guys on theStir have no right to complain about hyocrisy. You guys have been.just as bad or sometime even worse. He will never get a fair trial.

jkm89 jkm89


George Kafantaris

Though the apology humanized the defendant, and the victim’s family lawyer might have been more gracious in receiving it, it also built an anticipation that Zimmerman will testify at his trial.  If he does, then he will be hit with the inconsistent statements he gave to the police -- and perhaps even to Sean Hannity. Yes, Sean may have become a State rebuttal witness. 
More importantly, Zimmerman would now have to explain how not knowing if Martin was armed justified shooting a man pleading for help before he was killed. 
Why would Martin plea for help if he was armed -- when he could have fired his own weapon in his defense?  The “help, help, help” pleas, and going on for almost a minute before the shot was fired, unequivocally let Zimmerman know that Martin had no weapon and was at his mercy. 
 For Zimmerman then to say in open court that he did not know if Martin was armed was disingenuous.  Moreover, it undermined the sincerity of his apology. 
Not too smart, after all.

MeAnd... MeAndTommyLee

He should not have requested bail under the circumstances.  The controversy and outrage over this situation is too wide-spread to guarantee his safety.  Furthermore, I don't think it should be the State of Florida's obligation to secure  him or his family. 

Mbpea... Mbpeaceful12

Billsfan1104-a fair trial? That male killed an innocent teenager! If the situation was reversed, meaning that an armed Black man killed a little white boy, no one would talk about a "fair trial". This horrible situation reminds me of how Black men were lynched in the early and middle of the 20th century by white men and nothing was done about it. I guess you and the rest of the Zimmerman supporters want to forget about that piece of history. If Martin would have been your son, you would think differently.

HaiDanni HaiDanni

god, i didnt even care about this damn scandal .. But to the comment about a black man shooting a little white kid - zimmerman isnt white, quite clearly. Youre right tho, i doubt a black man shooting a hispanic kid would get this much play. Its not the public who is making this, its the press. On and on about "racist" george zimmerman. Its ridiculous.

to think, all i wanted to do was point out that he was (is?) sitting in a county jail, not prison.

if he is sentenced, my heart goes out to him and his family - hes going to have to "clique up" to stay alive ..

bills... billsfan1104

Mb, this is nowhere comparable to a lynching. How dare you say that. And where did I said I support Zimmerman? I support his constitutional right to a fair tril. One that is afforded to every single american.

Sandra Sutton

This is just a awful shame. Along with the fact that his parents are in the legal system and they are covering for him. There is no one in America that can get by with this in other Cities and States in America. But that let's you know any other person, hispanic or black would simply go to jail, stand trial and go to prison for lesser offenses. They do in Chicago every single day. Trayvon should not have to wear a sign on his back that says, "I'M A MINOR~DON'T SHOOT" !!!

Dan C Filiowich

An innocent teenager? How do you know he is innocent? Were you there to be a witness that he is innocent? Teenager or not if he attacked zimmerman and was smashing his head into the ground, then zimmerman had every right to do what he did. I do not feel bad for anyone who attacks someone and gets in return what they deserved.
Now to comment on part of what your response would say, even if zimmerman was following him to see what he was up to, trayvon has no right to attack this man. I've had people follow me before, i didnt turn around and attack them or confront them. If they threatened me in anyway then i would have. But i was raised better, i'm not going to cause a threat to anyone that isnt causing one against me. You dont just go around attacking people, especially a man who is the head of the neighbor hood watch. Whats the point of a neighbor hood watch if you can't follow up on a suspicious person that you dont know.?
In this case its white on black crime, instantly it is consider racism. If it was black on white crime, you wouldn't get the chance to give your 2 cents because it wouldn't be seen by the public like a white on black crime is. Whites are always being accused of racism, but it's wrong when whites accuse black of racism.
The big picture is, it's too bad for goerge zimmerman. He will never get a fair trial because the public and media have already tried him, and found him guilty. Even before ANY piece of evidence has been reported.

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