No Surprise Obama’s Young Voters Are Deserting Him

obamaPresident Obama may have lost some of his hip-guy, cool-guy status over the last four years because according to a new poll, less than half of young voters, aged 18-24, want Obama to win the election. Furthermore, he's only leading the Republican candidate by 7 percentage points (at the time of polling, they didn't specify who the said GOP candidate would be); back in 2008, he led McCain by a 34-point margin. Simply put, Obama is losing the kids. Even though the youngsters don't add up to a big percentage of those who vote, it's still not necessarily a demographic a candidate wants, or can afford, to lose. So, hmm. Why do you think the kiddos are so P.O.'d?

Jobs, probs.

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If I were a young adult who couldn't get work, I'd be looking for a new leader, too. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for college grads (let alone the non higher-educated masses) who've moved back in with their parents, who are sleeping in their old bedroom, staring at their Dispatch posters, waiting to hear back from one of the four billion jobs they applied to.

According to some sources, 54 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds are unemployed. When numbers like that are brought to light, it's really no surprise that Obama's losing the young vote.

Is this a sign that Obama's path to re-election will be a little tougher than anticipated? I'd say so. In 2008, back when I was in the young-voters group, it was all about change! and newness! and woo! Obama's so cool! Now that the dust has settled, now that there are millions who are jobless and millions who are a little jaded when it comes to the real possibility of making a difference, it's going to be harder for Obama to get loud, boisterous, invigorated support from kids. There's only so much Dispatch poster-staring one can do until permanent depression sets in.

Do you think that Obama should be worried about losing the youth vote?


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Great... Greatdays

Sad to think that someone can spend thousands of dollars on four years of college to come out without a job.  Sad to think that buying the gas to go on interviews is an investment.  Sad to think that their parents are feeling the pinch too and don't have jobs themselves.  Sad to think these are the very people who had hope to begin with. 

Mary Lynn Wetterau

Yep. I think he's going to lose a lot of votes. Especially after more Americans learn about this RFID chip that he passed with his wonderful Obamacare crap. I'm not saying anymore about it. Let your curiosity spark your research on it. I know I'm not voting for him. I'm not going to be treated like an animal.

nonmember avatar Lo Behold

Unlike the majority of America, I have a grasp on how politics actually work. Its easy for people to blame the President but they forget that our government is not run by one person who can just do whatever he wants.

I also don't rely on the news to know if Obama is doing a good job. I actually look at the voting record. I pay attention to the good things he has done which people never think to do since they get their information from the news, which ONLY focuses on the controversies.

As a college student, I have been keenly aware of issues going on in relation to financial aid. So far, Obama has done more to protect Pell grants than republicans have.

The problem with most Americans including other young people is that they expect magical solutions in under 4 years. We've had economic issue since 9/11, you can't just fix 8 years of problems in less than 4 years. You also can't fix problems when you have conflicting parties controlling different parts of the government that refuse to work with one another because they have such a deep seated hatred for Obama.

Obama never stood a chance, people either put too many high and unrealistic expectations on him or they were determined to do whatever they could possible to make him fail.

If you think we have problems now, just vote republican and you'll wish you had been more careful with how you vote.

NoraDun NoraDun

Obama was a charmer, completely full of crap, and black. Majority of people  voted for him because of his skin color. They felt it was time to make history, they didn't consider the type of candidate he would turn out to be. So now Obama will go down in history as the worst black president! Because any future black presidents sure cant do worse!! 

Hopef... HopefulMommy89

Let's "hope" that people stop drinking Obama's Koolaid and "change" who's in office this year. We can't handle/our economy won't survive another 4 years of his crap.

nonmember avatar James

Even our young Americans Hate being Lied too time after time.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Just goes to show a college degree doesn't necessarily make you intelligent or give you critical thinking skills. The fact that these kids blame the president instead of congressional gridlock and republican policies that ship jobs overseas just shows how cluesless the millennial generation is and how little a degree means nowadays compared to when gen X got ours

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

I don't think people really even understand how our government functions.  They work in conjunction people.  Yes, the economy SUCKed at the end of GWBush's 2nd term and the idiot made it worse by signing the first half of the stimulous package.  What a joke that turned to be.  Unfortunately, BO turned around and signed the 2nd half into being.  Guess what though....Anything to do with a budget is proposed in CONGRESS!!!!!  Who was running congress until 2010 (and had been for a while)??? Democrats.   Until 2 years ago, they were in charge.  And since the republicans won back only 1 house, the dems still have the white house and the senate.  That's it.  In order for the republicans to make anything happen, they have to work with the dems and then it STILL has to get approval from BO.  So that is the SOLE reason they haven't gotten any of their bills passed.  The dems, on the other hand, even in the house that they control (senate) STILL can't get any work done.  It's teh worthless disgusting people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who are stonewalling everything, but they are buddy buddy with BO.  He's more concerned with ramming things thru congress illegally and trampling all over our constitution, then actually getting some work done and tring to improve the lives of the citizens of this country!  I say, any one but Obama!

Eliza... Elizabethsmom44's that hope and change working out for everyone??

I don't think he's too concerned with losing young people's vote because the media is so corrupt and liberal-biased that the young people who can't think for themselves and believe everything they hear on TV will vote for him. Unfortunately.

But I do have friends that have turned conservative since last election because of him.

nonmember avatar Holmes

NDAA is the reason the kids aren't voting for Obama. They don't like Romney either, so most of them aren't voting.

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