Trayvon Martin's 'Last Words' Should Make Us Angry

george zimmermanNew details about the Trayvon Martin shooting have surfaced: A law-enforcement source close to the case (but not directly involved) claims to know Trayvon Martin's last words. That is, according to the accounts Zimmerman gave police.

The odd thing is, Martin's last words don't make much sense. They're baffling. Did Zimmerman make them up, distort what Martin really said, or are we just missing details that would give more context to the phrase Martin supposedly said just before he died?

If anything, Martin's supposed last words just deepen the mystery.

According to the source, right after Zimmerman shot Martin the boy said, "Okay, you got it" twice before dying.

Martin's father said police told him Trayvon's last words were actually, "Okay, you got me." This would make much more sense. But the family's own lawyer doesn't believe either version.

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Regardless, we'll probably never know for sure. This is just one more drop from the steady drip of random, out-of-context details that have leaked from this case. I just don't think we can take "okay, you got it" very seriously at all. Who cares what this anonymous source says Zimmerman told the police? We're not on the jury. And we're not being presented with a coherent case.

Really, I wish everyone with access to information would just zip it and let the grownups get their work done. I mean, thanks random source dude, for that totally unhelpful bit of information. What other non-illuminating details would you like to leak next? What this detail really reveals is how hungry we are to reach a conclusion about this story -- and how far away we still are.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's family members will be testifying at his bond hearing tomorrow morning.

Do you think these really are Trayvon Martin's last words, or do you think we'll ever know?


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nonmember avatar Lamarskii

Well, there were fighting for the gun. I just wonder if that Mexican's head broke open as it was hitting the cement and his brains were spattered all around the sidewalk, would it have made the news? Seems like there is a news blackout on black violence: both black on black and black on other. Why did not the national media present the facts on the "Knoxville horror?" That white couple were picked up at random and tortured for days.

nonmember avatar SkaterM

First and foremost Zimmerman had a gun on him while some young kid simply ran to the store for soda and skittles thinking he would be home like any other normal day. Why did Zimmerman have a gun and if someone was following you wouldn't you be fearful too? Who cares what Zimmerman says the kid said. He killed him plain and simple. He's not here to testify because of Zimmermans actions thinking he was about the law

Wm Kabrich

There will be no justice till Zimmerman goes free

nonmember avatar Silkworm

What about Daniel Adkins last words... Gunned down in Arizona and the gunman used the Stand Your Ground Law defense as well.... Google it

nonmember avatar ned morlef

teach your children respect and teach they'll respect you . They'll also respect others and their days will be long on the earth. You don't teach them and this is the result. This is the result of not respecting private property, not respecting elders and not respecting limits. He was arrogant and haughty and it cost him his life. Teach your children well.

Dorothy Welch

i do not believe zimmerman will ever get a fair trial the press has already convicted him where is the justice in that i heard travon had been expelled twice from school for possession of drugs. and he had numerous assault charges . why does the press not dig into this story rather than condem a man before he has a trial that will do him no good because he will be convicted before the trial starts. and it is all becausr travon was black if had been white you would not hear anything from the press.

nonmember avatar Futrdoc

I don't believe anything this dude or the police say. Truth is, no one will ever know; no one, that is, except Trayvon and the officer that shot him. Both have to answer to God regardless. Prayers to Trayvon's family...

nonmember avatar LFord

All these media types need to "zip it," and stop writing and pontificating on air about this case. (Right, like that's going to happen.) The more media coverage there is, the less likely it will be that a jury can be assembled that has not heard of this case. It is possible that the case could be dismissed entirely if an unbiased jury cannot be seated, because that is Mr. Zimmerman's constitutional right, to have the evidence heard by a fair, impartial, and unbiased jury. At a minimum, I predict the trial will be moved out of Sanford, FL, because of all the pre-trial publicity. It's entirely possible that NO jurors could be found that have not been over-exposed to media coverage. All those on the side of the Martin family (and most of the media "hoopla" seems to be pro-Martin) would be really upset if the case is dismissed because of excessive media coverage, right. Those who support Mr. Zimmerman likewise should be concerned that he gets a fair trial, one heard by jurors who are not pre-disposed to think that he "murdered" the Martin boy in cold blood (the main thrust of the pro-Martin coverage). So, both sides and the media need to "cool it" and let the judicial system work like it's intended to; otherwise, there may be an outcome that pleases no one.

nonmember avatar Old colonel

Common sense would dictate that after Martin struggled with Zimmerman for the gun and was shot, he said, "Ok you got it". Not rocket science

Bobcatbob Ingram

Mass media's lie !! Fox lies, NBC lies, CNN lies, They lie to us (You and Me) to make the 'story' have more ...'GRAB' ...grabs your attention and makes you want to read more.
NBC purposely tried to inflame race relations,
that hurts America, that is a treasonous act and should be punished.

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