Trayvon Martin's 'Last Words' Should Make Us Angry

george zimmermanNew details about the Trayvon Martin shooting have surfaced: A law-enforcement source close to the case (but not directly involved) claims to know Trayvon Martin's last words. That is, according to the accounts Zimmerman gave police.

The odd thing is, Martin's last words don't make much sense. They're baffling. Did Zimmerman make them up, distort what Martin really said, or are we just missing details that would give more context to the phrase Martin supposedly said just before he died?

If anything, Martin's supposed last words just deepen the mystery.

According to the source, right after Zimmerman shot Martin the boy said, "Okay, you got it" twice before dying.

Martin's father said police told him Trayvon's last words were actually, "Okay, you got me." This would make much more sense. But the family's own lawyer doesn't believe either version.

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Regardless, we'll probably never know for sure. This is just one more drop from the steady drip of random, out-of-context details that have leaked from this case. I just don't think we can take "okay, you got it" very seriously at all. Who cares what this anonymous source says Zimmerman told the police? We're not on the jury. And we're not being presented with a coherent case.

Really, I wish everyone with access to information would just zip it and let the grownups get their work done. I mean, thanks random source dude, for that totally unhelpful bit of information. What other non-illuminating details would you like to leak next? What this detail really reveals is how hungry we are to reach a conclusion about this story -- and how far away we still are.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's family members will be testifying at his bond hearing tomorrow morning.

Do you think these really are Trayvon Martin's last words, or do you think we'll ever know?


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Frank Reister

Who gives a shit what that punks last words were?!?!? He got what he deserved for being STUPID!!!

nonmember avatar Ronald R. Johns

Lady Rabbit White sounds dumb as a stump! No insult to stumps intended!

nonmember avatar Ray Mendoza

I often think about what Channon Christian's and Chris Newsoms last words were when they were carjacked, sexually tortured, mutilated before they were killed simply because they were going out on a date while White.

Tamekia Robinson

The phrase "you got it" is not uncommon in street lingo in Black communities. To use such phrase means: Okay, I give up- like playing mercy, indicating the person has the upper hand on you. It's possible he said that, although the only person who knows is no longer with us to say so.

Tamekia Robinson

there are some really dumb and ignorant people who made just as equally dumb and ignorant comments on this blog. The same things you are saying about why Zimmerman was NOT the aggressor and Trayvon was makes you no more smarter than anyone else voicing their opinion of the case. Then to call his parents racist??? I digress. Then that bucket of chicken remark...I bet you like chicken more than he did, you're probably also fat and unhappy. You hide behind your computers with your remarks cause you're cowards and no one listens to you otherwise. You weren't popular in high school and no one even likes you as adults. Get a real life.

nonmember avatar mhz

of course it's real ...

nonmember avatar Randy Kyle

First of all the "case" is meaningless and the "trial" will be an exercise in futility. Just like OJ was never going to be "guilty", Zimmerman is never going to be "justified". Justice today fears the street thugs more than it honors the truth.

Hannah Abbott

If there is an after life, let's hope Trayvon spends his time in Hell much better than he did, here on earth.  Because on earth, he was a punk.  

Free Zimmerman. . .innocent man, wrongly accused. . . .dealwithit

nonmember avatar Diana

Let me just say that this is a sad case no matter what but, I think people need to try and keep their feelings out of this when it comes to determining whether he is guilty or not( I know it is hard) but wait until the trial. I think this was an incident that got out of hand and neither party for whatever reason could stop.I think both parties, Trayvon and George feared for their life and were doing what they though they had to. I thought he would at the very most get a manslaughter charge not a second degree murder charge, but the prosecution in this case knew that the media and certain people would not except anything less.I would not be suprised of he pleaded to a lesser charge before it even gets a chance to go to trial, or the jury will either convict him of a lesser charge, or it will be a hung jury or an aquittal. Again this is very sad but, I do not know if the prosecution will be able to prove that George zimmerman acted in anything but self-defense.

nonmember avatar Sabrina


I think you're right in that the handling of this case now has more to do with politics than truth or justice. That's why the media still insists on using pictures of Trayvon that are over three years old. Victim or not, the older thugish Travon is not as sympathetic.

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